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Minutes of meeting held on Monday 2nd February 2015

Williamwood High School

Apologies Amy Elliott, David Thomson (Treasurer).


Present Eleanor Kellock (Chair), Anne Johnston (Secretary), Chris Kelly, Fiona Bittle, Alan Williams, Kirsten Oswald, Vincent McKechnie,


In Attendance Cllr Stewart Miller, Cllr Alan Lafferty, Cllr Alastair Carmichael, Paul Holland (Principal Prevention Officer ERC), PS Kirsten McLatchie, Fiona Donnelly.


Police Report Police Sgt McLatchie reported that the PS on duty at last month was unable to attend the CC meeting as they were dealing with an incident. She then gave the following report for the ward area in January 2015;


Theft                                       8  (0 detections)

By House breaking                 3  (0 detections)

By Opening Lockfast Places  1  (0 detections)

By Shoplifting                        1  (0 detections)

From Motor Vehicle               6  (0 detections)

Insecure Vehicles                    6  (0 detections)

Vandalisms                              6  (1 detection)

BOP                                         1  (0 detections)

Road Traffic Offences            4  (4 detections)

Possession of Drugs                5  (5 detections)


PS McLatchie reported on Operation Quarterlight working from Cathcart on all crimes regarding vehicle thefts. Progress and arrests are being made.


EK reported on an FOI sent from Mr Taylor for the attention of the CC’s detailing the number of community police officers per area. The Clarkston area has five and EK compared this to Barrhead which has nineteen. PS McLatchie replied that although officers are badged to certain areas, there is a compliment of nine officers in total on a shift with two cars who will be sent to cover whatever area as required. The actual figures in the FOI, although correct, can be a bit misleading as to where the officers are and what they are dealing with as they are spread out over the area.

PS McLatchie left the meeting.


Minutes of Previous Meeting The minutes were proposed by FB and seconded by AW. EK phoned ERC regarding the broken bollard at Clarkston Toll. The Bank of Scotland has agreed to site the defibrillator on their external wall and we are awaiting costings.


Presentation and Discussion with Paul Holland Principal Prevention Officer

Paul Holland described his work as Principal Prevention Officer at ERC.

· People have been left devastated by criminals fleecing them of money after cold calling, nuisance calls and scam mail. Banks are also being educated in this issue, as vulnerable people are sometimes accompanied to banks by the criminals to withdraw large sums of cash. There was a discussion on the “No Cold Calling” stickers which were implemented to stop cold callers, primarily on a commercial basis. This allows householders to take charge of their doorstep. If anybody cold calls to a house for commercial purposes and is asked to leave, then refuses to do so, it is a criminal offence. EK asked about cold callers who are promoting religious or political agendas. Mr Holland replied that they should all respect that the householder does not wish any cold callers at their home and suggested that a leaflet could be put through the door instead stating that they have respected the householders cold calling sticker and provided their contact details should they wish to contact them further.

· Mr Holland gave consumer protection tips like using credit cards to pay for holidays etc. as they give you extra security if a company goes bust. Even if you only pay the deposit with a credit card, this can protect the whole cost of the holiday. He advised against using Paypal for this purpose as it creates a fourth party which, due to a technicality, can cause the extra security to be negated.

· There is call blocking equipment available for vulnerable residents.

· The Trusted Traders Scheme has information on reliable businesses to do work on residents homes.

FB suggested that Mr Holland visits sheltered housing complexes/retirement homes and he confirmed that this has already been done. EK thanked Mr Holland for his very informative presentation and excellent work for our community. Mr Holland requested that Feedback Questionnaires were completed then handed out various leaflets and other items before he left the meeting.


Correspondence ERC – Re Grit Bin at Beechlands Drive

EN Parking – ERC Electric Vehicle Charging Bays

EN Parking – Draft Disabled Persons Parking Bays

Health Service Forum S.E –Re Concerns over the new South Glasgow Adult and Children Hospitals with attached information

Tom Taylor – Information to CC’s Re- Community Policing FOI

Clydeplan – Strategic Development Plan - Main Issues Report and Strategic Development Assessment

ERC – Holocaust Memorial Day

DP Examination- Scottish Government – ER Proposed LDP

CE Licensing – Public Procession

Tracy Butler ERC – Budget Event Report

Complaint from resident – State of Main St Shopping Area inc. Photograph

Jim Sneddon ERC – Re Data Protection and the CC Constitution

Email from Resident Re Pop-up Shops

ERC – Temporary Restrictions Busby Road/Mearns Road


ERC Councillors Report Cllr Miller reported the following:


· The Scottish Government Reporter has upheld the LDP report and Cllr Miller felt that the planning staff should get credit for all their work on this. Cllr Lafferty said that it will protect the peripheries and greenbelt in East Renfrewshire. There has been an acquisition of land at Waterfoot Road for a school and building work will start on a care home at the corner of Waterfoot Road and Broom Road East.

· KO asked Cllr Miller when the badges will be put in place for the parking enforcement.  Cllr Miller has already told the CC that he was informed in November that it would be Jan/Feb this year and this was reiterated at last month’s meeting. It was pointed out to KO that it was only the second of February so there is still almost a month left for this to be done.

· There will be a decision made on the future of Bonnyton House next Thursday.


Local Issues


· EK has had reports from several Clarkston businesses who are concerned about the BID, with the apparent lack of transparency and their ability to fulfil their duties and responsibilities.

· There is growing concern over the lack of public transport provision to the new Southern General Hospital. EK read out a communication from the Secretary of the Health Service Forum SE detailing concerns about the lack of transport and parking facilities. CCC also have concerns about public transport

provision for the  new Health Centre at Drumby Crescent and have spoken to Candy Millard at CHCP regarding this.

· There is work being carried out in empty shop units and it is hoped that new businesses will occupy them soon.

· EK contacted Royal Mail as a mail box had rusted and fallen on to the pavement on Beechlands Drive, causing an obstruction. It has been removed.

· The following information was passed to Cllr Miller to action;

Street light at Flenders Road is damaged and not been replaced.

Grit bins at Hillview Drive/Beechlands Drive have been removed.

Light on footbridge over the railway is not working.

Railway footbridge is dangerously slippy.

Clarkston car park is also really icy.

One side of shops had been gritted (charity shop side) but not the other side.

Aidan’s Brae pavements are lethal with ice and haven’t been gritted – issue

for people safely accessing the Scout Hall.

The bollards were repaired but a broken section a foot high was left by

workmen who attended the site at Clarkston Toll recently.

A resident sent a photo showing litter and chewing gum strewn all over

the main shopping area. The chewing gum requires professional removal

as it looks dreadful and businesses are getting it trailed into their shops. FB

reported that other countries fine people for dropping chewing gum.



Area Forum Report None.


Data Protection/Constitution

The CC has written to Jim Sneddon seeking clarification on a Data Protection/Constitution issue and is awaiting a response.


Budget Consultation Event

The CC was excluded from two key groups at this event, Education and Care and Health. EK highlighted that the report shows 21 invited and 30 attended the Care and Health Group, where Bonnyton House and the new Health Centre were discussed – both key issues for Clarkston residents and a discussion that we would have been keen to participate in. Savio D’Souza (Giffnock CC) demanded to attend this discussion group and was allowed to, despite being on a list for a different group and other CC’s being told this would not be possible. EK read out the report on Bonnyton House.


Negative Portrayal of CCC

A recent article in the Extra, yet again portrayed CCC in a negative light. This has happened a few times over the last year and it was felt that comments that have been made by a particular representative of ERC are unfair, unjust and bordering on slanderous. It was unanimously agreed to write to Louisa Mahon, ERC Head of PR to highlight that this is unacceptable and further action may be required if it persists.


Notice Board

EK, AJ and Cllr Miller have inspected the notice board and are looking into getting the broken locks changed.


EK asked if there had been information regarding specific items that can be recycled, put on the ERC website, following her request for this at a previous meeting. The Cllrs replied that there was no further information on the website. The CC have had complaints from residents that the recycling containers at Clarkston were overflowing over Christmas and people were just dumping cardboard etc beside them, which then gets strewn everywhere. It was suggested that they get emptied more regularly over Christmas when demand is higher or more bins are provided.

EK suggested contacting Lidl to see if they would introduce recycling here, as they do in their stores in Germany.


Date of Next Meeting: Monday 2nd March 2015 at 7.30pm, Williamwood High School.



Planning Matters: None.