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Minutes of meeting held on Monday 2nd March 2015

Williamwood High School

Apologies Cllr Alan Lafferty, Cllr Alastair Carmichael, Alan Williams.


Present Eleanor Kellock (Chair), Anne Johnston (Secretary), David Thomson (Treasurer), Chris Kelly, Fiona Bittle, Kirsten Oswald, Amy Elliott, Christian Potter.


In Attendance Cllr Stewart Miller, PS Tom Devine, Alison Harvey.


Police Report PS Devine gave the following figures for February 2015;


Theft from Motor Vehicle      3 (0 detections)

Vandalisms                             4

BOP                                        4 (3 detections)

Road Traffic Matters              2

Drugs (Herbal cannabis)         2


Cllr Miller asked whether the lower drink drive limit had led to more convictions. PS Devine reported that the police are not catching bigger numbers of drink drivers and it hasn’t lowered the number of road accidents either. DT highlighted the impact it is having on businesses, with golf clubs and other establishments selling less alcohol which is reducing the tax rate, punishing the market and will hit corporation tax.

The traffic problems at Carolside Primary are still ongoing.

PS Devine will report back next month on the campus police officers situation.

PS Devine left the meeting.


Minutes of Previous Meeting Minutes were proposed by FB and seconded by DT.


Bonnyton House

There was a discussion on ERC’s budget proposals to sell Bonnyton House (BH). Alison Harvey, a local resident and member of staff at BH gave a very informative overview of the current position and highlighted the low morale of staff, residents and resident’s families due to the uncertainty of the future of this highly regarded residential care home. There are very few residential care homes in comparison to nursing homes in ER. When people are assessed for care, some require residential, not nursing care. There are also concerns about the standards of care being maintained if the home is sold as the current level of care at BH is tremendous. Financial figures obtained through an FOI show the huge overheads of agency staff with a large percentage of costs on recharge of employer’s superannuation costs. The carbon reduction commitment costs were questioned. DT looked at the net expenditure and asked why ERC have allowed this to go on for so long and felt that this showed incompetence and blatant inefficiency by ERC. Cllr Swift brought this situation up with ERC officials four or five years ago and suggested closing BH then but things have since improved. AH said that Glasgow City Council charge £20 for a day care centre whereas ERC charge £4.50. ERC don’t want to increase the charges for this facility yet this could easily generate more income to safeguard the home’s future. Similarly the weekly cost at BH is £650 for residential care compared to £850 to £950 per week for nursing care. Staff have been working really hard to reduce costs and have proposed regrading and flexible working hours. ERC have not allowed the following measures to be taken;

· Advertising of posts to reduce huge agency staff costs

· Installation of a new bathroom (at a cost of £15000) which would give BH six more beds, at £650 a week each.

· Closure of day care centre on Saturdays and Sundays which would save £80000 a year.

DT questioned why this had been triggered now and sometimes this sort of pattern is a game to sell things off. It is concerning that the most vulnerable, defenceless people in society are being treated like this. The maintenance contract is with a large utility company who even charge a call out fee and ERC have not put this out to tender. The huge costs associated with ERC bringing in KPMG to make recommendations was also questioned. KO asked if KPMG are looking at the maths or the business as whole. AH replied that it is the maths and a decision has now been delayed until the summer.

Cllr Lafferty has told staff that once the Council make their decision it will be final.

Cllr Miller reported that the Conservative Group and BH staff have come up with figures that would enable BH to continue without being sold. If the private sector could buy BH and make it financially viable, then why can’t ERC? Cllr Miller asked AH what she wanted everyone to do. AH asked if the CC could write to Julie Murray/ Frank White at CHCP and this was unanimously agreed.                   Action AJ & EK AH highlighted that if BH is sold it would not just affect Busby and Clarkston but the whole of ER. EK thanked AH for attending the meeting and assured her of the CC’s support. AH then left the meeting.



Scottish Ambulance Service - Defibrillators

Jim Sneddon ERC – Data Protection and the CC Constitution

Cllr Miller – Reported pot holes in Arthur St/Viaduct Rd to Charlie Armstrong ERC

Cllr Miller – Reported chewing gum/litter in Clarkston Main St to John Cassells ERC

Cllr Miller – Response from Charlie Armstrong which Cllr Miller requested Secretary to circulate to all CCC members.

ERC – Conveners Meeting 18th February 2015

Cllr Carmichael – Reported chewing gum/litter in Clarkston Main St to ERC

Cllr Carmichael – Recycling plastics query

Justyna Krupinska – Clarkston Spring Clean-up Day Saturday 14th March 2015

Michelle Thomson ERC – Recycling/Litter

CE Equality Community Conference 4th March 2015

CE Funding Event 25th March 2015

ER Liberal Democrats – Issues in area

ERC Roads Dept – Temporary restriction at Drumby Crescent


ERC Councillors Report

Cllr Miller reported that he was featured in the Barrhead News recently for comments he made regarding online planning information being removed. CP asked how Councillors can make decisions when they don’t receive all the relevant information. Cllr Miller explained that as a member of the PAC, it is very difficult to make planning decisions when you no longer receive information on where representations come from, as they literally could be from anywhere in the world. If ten representations are received then it will go to the PAC for a decision.  Cllr Miller has emailed Andrew Cahill and Lorraine McMillan, as many constituents and CCC have repeatedly asked why the online planning information has been removed. He has received a rather nippy email back which has still not answered his questions and he has been threatened by the CE mentioning the Standards Commission. EK asked why ERC won’t answer relevant questions that residents and Councillors are entitled to ask and said it’s becoming like a dictatorship.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Local Issues


· EK reported the state of litter at a bus stop at Mearns Road near Flenders Road and there are no bins nearby.

· KO asked Cllr Miller again what was happening about the parking as the CC had previously been told that this would be dealt with by February and it is now March. AJ asked if everyone had received the email that Cllr Miller had requested the secretary to circulate to all CCC members with details regarding this. KO stated that she didn’t remember getting it. All other CCllrs present confirmed receipt of the email.CK noted the response from Cllr Miller had actually been sent very quickly, the day after the CCC meeting. Cllr Miller had sent a list of all issues raised at last month’s meeting to ERC’s Charlie Armstrong. Mr Armstrong had fully explained in his prompt email response to Cllr Miller that the Road Dept’s priority, understandably, was for the health and safety of the residents due to the recent severe winter weather. ERC staff had been exceptionally busy working on clearing the roads/pavements and gritting the whole area to ensure the safety of all the residents and road users, therefore the installation of parking badges had been unavoidably delayed.


Area Forum Report None.



The recycling bins at the new Health Centre site have been removed. There was a discussion on the lack of recycling facilities for residents and inadequate uplifts. ERC want to encourage residents to recycle and most are keen to do so, however the facilities to enable this to be done are inadequate and make it difficult to recycle.



EK reported on a recent informal ERJCCF meeting, which is attended by several community councillors who share information and common issues, which is encouraged in both the ERC guidance manual and Scotland Act 1973. EK read out the following notes;

East Renfrewshire Joint Community Councils Forum

An Informal Forum in line with the Scotland Act 1973

Community Councillors from seven Community Councils attended the meeting and the following items were discussed;

Removal of Online Planning Information

Residents are reporting difficulty getting appointments with planning staff to see representations, some planning information is still being redacted by ERC and even more time is now taken up by ERC staff dealing with the public going to ERC premises to view planning information. This is detrimental to the communities and ERC have failed to provide a reasonable explanation to the removal of this information online. In the interests of openness and transparency and to make viewing planning information easier and more convenient, the residents and Community Councils would like to see this decision reconsidered in May. Residents have also reported that when attending at ERC’s Offices at Spiersbridge they have been told they would need to make an appointment to return at a later date to view comments on planning applications. As these Spiersbridge offices are only open during normal working hours this restricts and, in some cases, completely precludes access to inspect all the documents associated with any planning information. Either this policy change is ill conceived or has deliberately been designed to prevent residents from accessing this information.

Review of the Community Council Scheme

At a CC event last Wednesday, Jim Sneddon was asked about the review of the Scheme. He replied that the proposed Scheme has had minor alterations and will be going to full Council at a meeting in March. The CCs have received no information whatsoever on the outcome of the consultation despite promises that we would be fully consulted and carefully listened to. In fact it was unanimously agreed that quite the opposite has been the case. One Chair has written to Jim Sneddon highlighting these concerns and asking for the consultation report to be made available within a reasonable timescale prior to the Council meeting.

Lack of Openness and Transparency at ERC

The removal of online planning, restricted and lack of open consultation feedback and CCs repeatedly not receiving adequate responses to questions put to ERC officials has led to concerns over the openness and transparency at ERC. All CCllrs present agreed that this matter needs to be urgently addressed for the benefit of our residents and the credibility of the Head of Democratic Services.


Treasurer’s Report

DT gave an update on the CC Accounts. The expected outcome is that there will be a deficit of £540 due to legal advice and ongoing honorarium of standard and extra work. This means a balance of £2328 with £500 of this being the award from the Bank of Scotland for a defibrillator. With the £500 used for a defibrillator, the annual administrative grant income and admin expenditure, this should leave funds of around £1138 at the end of the year which is satisfactory and comfortable.


Date of Next Meeting: Monday 13th April 2015 at 7.30pm, Clarkston Hall.



Planning Matters: None.



Minutes of meeting held on Monday 13th April 2015

Clarkston Hall

Apologies Chris Kelly, Kirsten Oswald.


Present Eleanor Kellock (Chair), Anne Johnston (Secretary), David Thomson (Treasurer), Fiona Bittle, Alan Williams, Christian Potter, Amy Elliott.


In Attendance Cllr Stewart Miller, Sgt Tom Devine.

Police Report Sgt Devine gave the following report;


Crime Reports for Beat 38 for March 2015

4 Domestics

9 Thefts

2 Breach of the Peace

3 Vandalisms

2 Drugs Offences

1 Assault


Thefts are on the rise, residents need to ensure that house and car doors are locked at all times.


The vandalism of CCC’s notice board was discussed. The front panel was taken off and left across the road outside the old Bradford’s shop. The remaining drawing pins were then placed in a question mark sign. The police spent a few hours looking at the CCTV footage but the board site was not covered. The notice board is now so badly damaged it will need replaced. It was suggested information regarding CCC minutes and meetings could be placed in the Chest Heart and Stroke or Oxfam shop instead.


A resident had a bogus cold caller at their home taking £2500 for work on their roof. Residents need to ensure they use reputable firms to carry out work and report any cold callers who make them feel uncomfortable.

The CC and residents have noticed the lack of community policing recently. Sgt Devine suggested that the CC write to Angela Carty to ask for higher visibility policing again.


Sgt Devine reported that there are concerns over groups of youths gathering at local parks, drinking alcohol. Cllr Miller asked where they are getting their drink from and as a member of the Licencing Committee he could help. Sgt Devine replied that some obtain it from home or older siblings. The five campus police officers are trying to deal with this issue within the schools. Another area where youths gather is Pilmuir Quarry which is extremely dangerous. The owner is keen to discourage this as they are also jumping into the water.


Police Scotland have information on their website regarding Stop and Search details.


Sgt Devine left the meeting.



Minutes of Previous Meeting Minutes proposed by AE and seconded by FB.

Correspondence Wagtail Newsletter

Bank of Scotland – Requesting Confirmation of Defibrillator Site

ERJCCF Statement

Complaints from Businesses – litter and dog fouling

John Cassells regarding complaints from businesses

ERC – Local Government Benchmarking Framework

Nina Vaswani – Strathclyde University

Gordon Paterson Clarkston BID – Spring Clean Up Day

Mrs Stokes – Defibrillator Information and Funding Confirmation

Kieran Retour – Convenors Meeting Report

Angus Hardie – Scottish Community Alliance

Patrick Docherty – Temporary Road Restriction Benview Road

Patrick Docherty – Update on Temporary Road Restriction

ERC – Invoice for £15.30 for Let of CC Meeting at Williamwood HS

ERC- Application for Skin Piercing and Tattooing Licence

ERC – Licencing Board – Error regarding notification

Gerry Tougher – East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership Strategic Plan


ERC Councillors Report

Cllr Miller reported that following;

Gladman Proposals

The Gladman proposals for Waterfoot have been withdrawn for now but because our Holyrood Govt are demanding Councils make land available for more housing, Gladman could well be back in 5 or 10 years’ time with proposals. Four reporters have stated there is enough of land supply at present that the Planning Officers have identified that is only for the next 5 years. Gladman and two other developers have already stated there is not enough of a land supply to last the 5 or 10 years of the current Local Development Plan.

Boundary Commission Proposal

Busby and Clarkston join up with Stamperland, Netherlee and Williamwood. Eaglesham would join up with Newton Mearns South. Reason for ERC being reduced to eighteen Cllrs is the Holyrood Govt have decreed that Cllrs are busiest in areas of multi deprivation so Glasgow get seven or eight more Cllrs, Inverclyde are getting another four yet can’t afford to pay them. In essence our Nationalist Govt are saying that people of Glasgow, Greenock, Port Glasgow etc. are entitled to better Cllr services than East Renfrewshire. In ER nineteen Cllrs are opposing this proposal with one Cllr supporting it.

Bonnyton House

No further update as KPMG are still working on a recommendation.


Local Issues



Several complaints have been received from residents and businesses regarding the litter and dog fouling in Clarkston main street. EK and AJ met on two occasions with John Cassells, Head of Cleansing. Mr Cassells and his colleague were extremely helpful and supportive and are dealing with the main street area. It became apparent that there seems to be a great lack of communication between the BID committee and the businesses regarding responsibilities for litter which has led to difficulties. More bins are urgently required and it was unanimously agreed that CCC would apply to the Area Forum for funding. The Chair of the BID has also highlighted to CCC that there are issues with litter in lanes out with the BID area and this information has been passed onto ERC.


New Health Centre

FB has been asked by residents to find out what has happened to the tree that was planted at the Isobel Mair site by the National Federation Townswomen’s Guild. The tree has now disappeared since work commenced on the new Health centre at this site

Action Cllr SM

Giffnock Community Council

The Chair of Giffnock CC has minuted that he is in discussions to relocate the sculpture outside Wholefoods to the new Health Centre site in Clarkston. CCC have not been consulted about this, many members of the community do not like the sculpture and it is already starting to rust. AE asked how much it cost and was informed that it cost ERC in excess of £50K, with Wholefoods also contributing. There was disbelief at the amount of money ERC spent on this, when roads are a mess in the area. Cllr Miller reported that he emailed Mr Sneddon about this matter and Mr Sneddon stated that Giffnock CC would require planning permission and local consultation to relocate the sculpture.


Political campaigners

Complaints have been received from residents regarding SNP political campaigners acting on behalf of the Westminster candidate, ignoring and disrespecting the “No Cold Calling” signs and chapping resident’s doors to ask them questions about the General Election. It was unanimously agreed to write to Paul Holland, Trading Standards Officer, ERC to highlight this issue, as he attended a previous CCC meeting and made it clear that everyone, including political campaigners, should be respectful of the “No Cold Calling” signs at all times and could put leaflets through doors instead.                                                                                                  Action AJ

DT questioned what the electorate are entitled to know about each prospective candidate and he suggested that they should be open and transparent regarding aspects of their lives including their background and family circumstances.

Area Forum Report None.




An email was received from the Licencing Board at ERC regarding a major variation licencing application for The Overlee. CCC have not received any communications or concerns to this application from any residents therefore have no objections to this and will notify the Board accordingly.                                                            Action AJ


Invoice from ERC

An invoice was received in error for the sum of £15.30 from ERC for a let for CCC at Williamwood High School in September 2014. It was questioned why this was received after six months. Mr Sneddon was contacted and informed that the let was for a normal CC meeting and AGM as the minutes on ERC’s website for CCC show. There has been no confirmation from Mr Sneddon that the matter has been resolved and DT suggested that the CC contact him requesting an appropriate credit note for our records. This was unanimously agreed.                                                   Action AJ



Mr & Mrs Stokes have kindly offered to put funding towards a defibrillator and external cabinet with the CC requiring to contribute the total of £720. With the Bank of Scotland Award for £500 it was unanimously agreed to use the remaining balance of £220 from CCC’s Account. A cheque will be issued for the defibrillator once clarification has been received in writing from the Bank of Scotland regarding the locating of the defibrillator on their external wall (verbal agreement has already been given).


CCC Accounts

David Thomson (Treasurer gave an update on the CCC Accounts to 31st March 2015. The income shows the administrative grant from ERC and a deficit of £541, mainly for legal expenses. The £500 award from the Bank of Scotland is shown in the balance sheet with a total balance of £2138. It was unanimously agreed that the Accounts would now go to the auditor.                                                          Action DT



EK read out the following statement from the ERJCCF;


Statement by the East Renfrewshire Joint Community Councils Forum

Certain Community Councillors have attempted to prevent a Community Council Chair and Vice Chair from attending ERJCCF meetings.

We ask the question, what valid justification is there for this approach?

The ERJCCF operates on an informal basis, in line with ERC’s Guidance Manual for Community Councils and the Scotland Act 1973.

ERJCCF was set up as an informal forum in line with Scottish Government guidance primarily for Community Council Chairpersons and Secretaries. There is therefore no requirement for a constitution or elected office bearers. We do not have a Chairperson. Should one be required to steer a meeting such as when ERC’s Chief executive or an MSP attends as an invited guest, the Chair is rotated amongst the Community Council Chairs present.

Notes are produced for information purposes to distribute, instead of formal minutes. Whilst all attending are Community Councillors, they are attending the ERJCCF purely as individuals.

Every individual in attendance has a personal and genuine interest in the wellbeing of their community where they reside and a desire to enhance their personal knowledge and understanding of various Community council matters. The sharing of information, support and increased knowledge of all the issues and views from other areas within East Renfrewshire is of great value and develops a mutual understanding which is beneficial, to the Community Councillors and their residents in East Renfrewshire.

There have been a number of erroneous, negative comments, over the last year, in particular from the Leader of the Council Cllr Fletcher, Cllr Waters and the Chief Executive Lorraine McMillan regarding the ERJCCF. This apparent, deliberate misinformation has led, amongst other things, to ERC officials refusing to recognise, correspond or attend any meetings of the ERJCCF.

It has been brought to our attention that some attendees of the ERJCCF have been attacked unjustifiably be fellow Community Councillors for attending the ERJCCF. Some Community Council office bearers have been told by members of their own Community Councils that they are barred from attending future ERJCCF meetings, which ignores the fact that all attendees, attend on a personal individual capacity. This is simply acting ultra vires. (Acting beyond their powers.)

We condemn this conduct by those uninformed Community Councillors who seek to restrict the personal freedom of their elected office bearers, who are acting in an

individual capacity. We find this conduct abhorrent and it has no basis as it clearly contravenes the letter and the spirit of the Act.


There was a discussion on this and it was felt that the behaviour of certain CCllrs is completely unacceptable. Nobody has a right to treat another CCllr like this nor do they hold any authority to bar them from attending. CCllrs should not have to attend as private individuals as they are attending a meeting approved under statute. Other organisations regularly meet to communicate, which is invaluable, therefore the ERJCCF serves a great purpose and should be encouraged. It appears that certain CCllrs and Council officials have personal and political agendas at play here.


Mrs Mullen

EK reported the sad news of Mrs Mullen’s passing. Mrs Mullen was a long serving member of Thornliebank CC and a regular attendee at the ERJCCF meetings. She was dedicated to serving her community and will be greatly missed. It was unanimously agreed to send an email on behalf of CCC to Mrs Mullen’s family.              Action AJ

Review of the Scheme

The review has reached Stage 3 and CCC do not feel that they have been listened to after their initial response. The Scheme is still not fit for purpose, controlling, with no changes in the proposed Scheme deemed to be of benefit to our CC or community.

Date of Next Meeting: Monday 11th May 2015 at 7.30pm, Williamwood High School.


Planning Matters: None.



Minutes of meeting held on Monday 8th June 2015

Williamwood High School

Apologies Cllr Carmichael, Cllr Lafferty, Christian Potter, Chris Kelly.


Present Eleanor Kellock (Chair), Anne Johnston (Secretary), David Thomson (Treasurer), Fiona Bittle, Alan Williams, Amy Elliott.


In Attendance Cllr Stewart Miller, Sgt Natalie Davers, Fiona Donnelly, Graeme Oswald

Police Report Sgt Davers gave the following report;

Crime Reports for Beat 38 for May 2015

4 Simple Assaults                  (3 detections)

5 Thefts                                  (0 detections)

1 Theft by House Breaking   (0 detections)

1 Theft By Shoplifting          (0 detections)

1 Theft from Motor Vehicle  (0 detections)

3 Vandalisms                         (0 detections)

1 Breach of the Peace            (0 detections)

3 Road Traffic Offences        (3 detections)

2 Possession of Drugs            (2 detections)

1 Domestic Bail Detection     (1 detection)

1 Wilful Fire Raising             (0 detections)

Other news – Officers have nipped in the bud the gang culture evolving at our local secondary schools.


CCC had written to Chief Inspector Angela Carty regarding the lack of visible community policing. AW asked if all local police stations are scheduled for closure. PS Davers replied that Police Scotland is going through a massive transition and she has not been made aware of any closures at the moment.

PS Davers left the meeting.



Lyall Rennie, Principal Environmental Officer at ERC attended the meeting to discuss the recycling issues in Clarkston. He has successfully arranged extra uplifts from Clarkston Car Park, which will hopefully improve the issue of the overflowing recycling facilities. The recycling bins at the old Isobel Mair site will be reinstalled when work on the new Health Centre is completed. EK asked where the plastic recycling goes. The recycling bins are uplifted by Viridor and go to Balgeddie where they are separated and sold. The kerbside recycling goes to Irvine and is sold for £100 per tonne. AW asked if there was any merit in increasing the plastic kerbside recycling to fortnightly uplifts. The food waste goes to Blantyre for certified composting. Mr Rennie was asked to look into the recycling bin outside Bit’s and PCs which is causing litter issues. Other ERC officials have previously tried to deal with this matter and the situation is thought to be a health and safety issue, with a potential fire hazard.                                                                                      Action Lyall Rennie

EK thanked Mr Rennie for attending then he left the meeting.


Minutes of Previous Meeting Minutes proposed by FB and seconded by AW.

Correspondence Invoice Cardiac Science – Defibrillator

Listening – Convenor’s Meeting

Gerry Tougher – Eastwood Centre Arts Strategy and Meetings

Eamonn Daly – Clarkston Bins

Resident – New Family Centre Newford Grove

Stewart Mackenzie – M77 A726 and A727 Phase 1 Press Release Resurfacing

Jim Sneddon- Disabled Parking

ERC Environmental Health – Bin in Rowallan Lane

Complaint – Clyde Cars taking up spaces in Clarkston Car Park

Listening – Funding Information

Jim Sneddon – Funding Defibrillator Installation response

Police Scotland - CI Angela Carty


ERC Councillors Report

Cllr Miller was on holiday when the last Council meeting was held. The Council boundaries proposal for 18 Councillors instead of the current 20 will possibly be going to judicial review along with another 15 local authorities. Cllr Miller found out through Busby CC’s minutes that it is Grant Thornton who are working on the Bonnyton House situation, not KPMG. Cllr Miller wrote to the CE asking why the Councillors had not been kept informed, received an apology and was told it had been put out to mini tender. The next full Council meeting will be on the 24th June 2015.


Local Issues


Disabled Parking

Complaints have been received regarding the disabled parking in Clarkston. Two bays, at the entrance to the station, now incur a parking charge. The only pay machine is up a very steep flight of stairs which is completely ridiculous and impractical. CCC wrote to Jim Sneddon regarding this and asking if this breached the Disability Act. Mr Sneddon failed to respond to the Disability Act question and only stated that these disabled bays are privately, not Council owned. It was agreed to write to ERDA and the Extra regarding this as the CC is concerned for the safety of disabled drivers using these bays.


Isobel Mair Tree/Townswomen’s Guild

Cllr Miller contacted ERC last month and they are happy to arrange for another tree to be planted.



The CC received complaints regarding an overflowing bin in Rowallan Lane. John Cassells has been extremely helpful and worked with the Environmental Health Dept. As no business would claim responsibility for the bin, ERC uplifted it on Friday.


New Health Centre

FB reported that three local doctor’s practices, Williamwood Medical Centre, Sheddens Medical Centre and Carolside Medical Centre have closed their lists for new patients as they are all full due to people moving to them, as they will have no public transport to the relocated GP’s in the new Health Centre. There is concern that people moving into the area will have great difficulty accessing a doctor’s practice.

CCC received an email from Gerry Tougher on the 27th May inviting a member of the CC to be part of a steering group for an art project within the new Health Centre. EK will attend a meeting tomorrow. The steering group has met on two previous occasions and it was questioned why Clarkston CC were not part of this from the beginning, especially when the new Health Centre will be located in the Clarkston area. It was also highlighted that the minutes show that Savio D’Souza from Giffnock CC has been attending and fully involved in all the meetings so far, particularly looking at external funding sources, prior to Clarkston even being invited to participate.




The Bank of Scotland have been informed that an electrical supply will be required for the defibrillator. This may affect the siting and installation of the defibrillator and the CC are waiting for a response from the Bank of Scotland on this. The CC wrote to Jim Sneddon requesting assistance with the installation. Mr Sneddon responded that he is unable to provide any funding for this and suggested the CC approach the Area Forum. It was questioned why other CCs seem to get funding for other projects i.e Big Lunches, yet Clarkston CC get nothing for a potentially life-saving project.


Planning Information

Cllr Miller reported that further to the online planning information being removed the elected Councillors were supposed to have information available by last Friday relating to the PAC meeting on Wednesday. It was still not available in the Member’s lounge at ERC by 5pm Monday evening and Cllr Miller raised concerns with ERC officials.

Date of Next Meeting: Monday 10th August 2015 at 7.30pm, Clarkston Hall.


Planning Matters: Cllr Miller absented himself from the planning discussion on the new Family Centre Newford Grove. This will be going to the PAC for a decision on Wednesday 10th June. A Newford Grove resident attended the CC meeting to fully explain their concerns. A senior ERC official has told residents that a decision has already been made, which is incredible and completely undemocratic considering it is meant to be decided on Wednesday by the elected Councillors on the PAC. Other concerns are;

· ERC plans would exacerbate safety issues in the narrow street i.e pedestrian safety and access for emergency vehicles, there are also environmental/pollution issues as there is no turning facility for return vehicles. A Road Safety Audit is required.

· Loss of substantial amount of trees and greenspace.

· The proposed car park site is on the only dry space for drainage.

· Residents have worked on an alternative plan, but ERC refused to have a site visit or meeting with them to discuss this option further, stating there is no value in it. The CC looked at the residents’ plans. They seem to be far more practical and apply common sense with a different access area. It would also not incur any significant extra costs.

· Three MSPs are supporting the residents and CCC also fully support them.

· ERC have not complied with their own legislation by failing to conduct an Ecology survey, stating instead that it is “unlikely that there are bats and birds” in the mature trees at the site. CCC finds this incredible and totally unacceptable. This area is a great habitat for wildlife.

· CCC is concerned about the pupils’ safety when walking to/from Williamwood High School and other local schools, due to the increased traffic the new Family Centre will incur. There have already been incidents where Williamwood pupils have been knocked down on both the pedestrian crossings.

· There does not appear to be any movement with ERC dealings that would not be detrimental to the residents.

· There will be traffic issues in Eaglesham Road resulting from the traffic from 110 morning places and 110 afternoon places.

· Congestion issues will be substantial as there are existing on street parking problems at Newford Grove

· Residents are concerned with the Deed of Conditions Plan. If ERC alter this, the future sale of houses, subject to property searches, could impact on residents with costly legal fees being incurred for property enquiry reports.

· There is concern that ERC have not been seen to follow due process with pre determination and negating the requirements for an ecology report. This also appears to go against planning policy.

· ERC’s inflexibility and a less than satisfactory response from Andrew Cahill, Director of Environment have made the residents feel let down and angry.


It was felt that this is yet another example of ERC ignoring the resident’s views, being unfit for purpose, failing to be open and transparent, with some expressing views that there is potential corruption. Barrhead High School was another example cited with the huge additional costs incurred (£3.5 million) due to ERC’s handling of the plans.  The nursery should be a positive project for the area but ERC’s handling of this has turned it into a negative one. It was unanimously agreed that CCC would fully support the Newford Grove residents and also write to Lorraine McMillan, Andrew Cahill and all the PAC elected Councillors with the concerns.