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Minutes of meeting held on Monday 10th August 2015

Clarkston Halls

Apologies Fiona Bittle, Vincent McKechnie, Amy Elliott.


Present Eleanor Kellock (Chair), Anne Johnston (Secretary), David Thomson (Treasurer), Alan Williams, Chris Kelly, Christian Potter.


In Attendance Cllr Stewart Miller, Fiona Donnelly, Bob Smith.


Statement By The Chair

EK read out the following statement;


“This August meeting tonight has been necessitated by ERC’s attempt to force Community Councils to accept and sign up to the new approved Scheme for Community Councils. Clarkston Community Council are a statutory voluntary body publically elected for a 4/5 year term to work for and on behalf of our community but after only to tears into our term, ERC wish to control us and our efforts in representing the views of our residents. In the interests of democracy and our residents, we cannot allow this.

As the meeting progresses tonight, more evidence will unfold of the extent of ERC’s efforts and tenacious attack upon our democratic, statutory status.”

Police Report No police were present and no report had been emailed to CCC.


Minutes of Previous Meeting Minutes proposed by AW and seconded by DT.

Correspondence ERC Elections Team

ERC Eammonn Daly - CC Elections

PPF Bulletin

ERC Tracy Butler – ERC Election PR

ERC Listening – Digital Engagement for CC’s workshops.

Wagtail Newsletter

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s Annual Review

Jamie Robinson East Renfrewshire and Southside News - Request for comment on Lack of Transport Provision to the new Queen Elizabeth University Hospital


ERC Councillors Report

Cllr Miller and all the opposition Councillors voted against the new CC Scheme at the special Council meeting on the 24th June 2015. Cllr Miller has received information which has highlighted that the Scheme may be unlawful. He had tried to meet with Gerry Mahon, Chief Solicitor at ERC today but he was on holiday. Mr Mahon had previously informed Cllr Miller that the external legal advice from Brodies made him comfortable that ERC could defend it. Cllr Miller said he also asked Jim Sneddon for the population figures before the Council meeting in June but did not receive them as “they were still working on them”. The consultation didn’t show the population figures or the neighbourhood figures. DT asked how ERC can decide to distribute seats across a community council area when they didn’t have the basis for the neighbourhood figures. The public were unable to consult about that particular aspect as the figures were omitted. The Scheme was approved without these figures made public, the first time the CC’s got information on the neighbourhood figures were in the letter from Mr Daly received on the 28th July 2015. Clarkston CC had contacted ERC to enquire when all the information that should have been received w/c 20th July would be sent out. We were informed that Alex Hewetson had been dealing with the Community Council Scheme and the delay in sending out information was due to “a member of staff being on holiday”.


Local Issues


Disabled Parking

CCC members have tried to meet with a member of ERDA at the site of the disabled parking bays in Clarkston but unfortunately the representative from ERDA has cancelled the pre-arranged dates at short notice. It was felt that the pay machines being located on the roof car park, despite the two parking bays being on the street level, is discriminatory and in breach of the Disability Act.


Ant-Social Behaviour

Cllr Miller has received complaints about anti-social behaviour with groups of youths at the BID bench at Clarkston main street attacking cars with eggs. There have also been unconfirmed reports of an attack on a person at Clarkston station.


New Health Centre

EK read out the response to the journalist from East Renfrewshire and Southside news regarding the lack of public transport provision to the new Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and Clarkston Health Centre. Cllr Miller reported that he has been working on this issue and there have been problems with construction workers using the park and ride facilities at Drumby Crescent.


Bonnyton House

There is increasing concern in the community over the future of Bonnyton House. A decision has not been announced by ERC yet. There was a discussion on the money ploughed into Wagtail Newsletters, the Dams to Darnley Park, free meals and summer camps.




EK met with representatives from Greenbank Church to discuss locating the defibrillator on their external wall. DT reported that the Kirk Session unanimously agreed to locate the defibrillator at Greenbank Church. AJ will contact Mr and Mrs Stokes, who made a very generous contribution towards the cost of the defibrillator, to inform them and to arrange to collect the defibrillator.


East Renfrewshire Community Councils Meeting

The East Renfrewshire Community Council Members have all been invited to a joint meeting on the 11th August to discuss ERC’s dissolving of all CC’s mid-term and implementation of the new Scheme.


Scheme for CC’s

CCC feel that ERC have not listened to their concerns about the new Scheme. It was felt that ERC have taken a step too far with this Scheme. All members thought they were elected in 2013 to serve a full term, which should have been until 2018 according to the existing Scheme. Nobody thought ERC would decide to disband the CC and not allow every elected CCllr to serve their full elected term. EK read out an article about ERC from the Herald titled “Anger at Council Strike against Democracy” and a letter from Jackson Carlaw MSP in the Extra highlighting his concern at ERC’s actions. The new Scheme is draconian and ERC have put a clause in the new Scheme which states they can suspend or dissolve a CC with immediate effect. CCllrs can be brought before a Conduct Review Panel which will consist of three Elected Cllrs and two CCllrs, with a quorum of three. A CCllr could be suspended or removed without the right of appeal. Cllr Miller reported that Cllrs Lafferty and Carmichael, who both voted for the Scheme and disbanding of the current CCs, were insisting he was wrong about the two year Chair term. It was confirmed that they were actually incorrect and it was questioned how many Cllrs actually fully understood or even read the papers relating to the Scheme that they voted for. Cllr Miller said that other LA’s are watching this situation closely.



Fiona Donnelly has requested to be co-opted as a member of Clarkston CC. A vote will be taken at next month’s meeting.


Clarkston BID

EK read out a letter to businesses from Clarkston BID. It states “First of all on our agenda is the organisation of a Clarkston Community Forum where BID members and the local community may gather and have the opportunity to inform us of any concerns they may have”.

BID members have a financial interest and it was felt that the setting up of a Clarkston Community Forum could be confused with the Community Council.


Treasure’s Report

DT gave an update on the Accounts. There was a grant of £412, reduced from £471 as a mistake had been made by ERC in calculating grants for CC’s. There was expenditure of £354 for secretarial and audit fees and £500 for the defibrillator. The balance is just under £1700 with at least £300 to still come off it, bringing it down to £1300.


Date of Next Meeting: AGM followed by Ordinary Meeting on Monday 7th September 2015 at 7.30pm, Williamwood High School.


Planning Matters: There was a discussion on the planning application for the erection of two denominational primary schools with non-denominational nursery on a single campus layout with associated access, parking and outdoor sports facilities.


CCC are concerned about the impact the extra traffic will have on the Eaglesham Road near Williamwood High School.