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Info about joining.
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The benefits for local groups joining ourumbrella organisationare many.

It costs nothing to join and there is no subscription.

All that you require to do is contact us with thedetails of your group or proposed coordinator,we will do the rest.

Whether you have a group at present or are thinking of starting a group or just want to become a member.

We can assist and help in any area.

Area and GroupCo-ordinators benefit from thefull support of an award winning organisation, 24/7.

All members receive regular and current information regarding crime and current trends.

Many insurance companies offer a discount on home insurance to members of registered NHW schemes, some companies are now requesting the schemeregistration number at renewal. These numbers are providedwhen you are registered.

If your group has been registered with ER NHW you will receive all current publications free of charge and will also be registered for the free Public Liability Insurance that is provided through the Scottish Government.

The police will also be notified that yourgroup is in existence and in particular your Community Police Officer will be made aware of youryour membership of ER NHW.

Your group will have access to many of the products that we provide free of charge.

The lastest NHW handbooks,the lastest 'Scottish' Window Stickers and many more items all free of charge.

Anydetails provided areheld under Data Protection principles and will not be disclosed to any third parties, except our partners Strathclyde Police.


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