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ERC POLICE STATE 12 years ago #1

  • lasercow
  • Administrator
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"Emergency Briefing Notes:

We are under attack.

A local activist complained this morning about Mary Montague being present inside a polling station. This contravenes the rules.

Rules on candidates at polling stations

Six minutes later TWO Police cars were at his home looking for him.

His wife was told to return home immediately to allow them in to search her home or they would smash the door down.

The CCTV cameras used for community policing in the area swung 180 degrees to watch his house.

Mary Montague was convenor for community safety which includes cctv control room and liaison with the Police.

If the Labour - SNP administration get back in, it looks like they will be hell bent on revenge.

Freedom of speech is under attack.

Make sure you and everyone you know vote to save East Renfrewshire.

Offer people a lift to the polling stations.

This is the tactics of Syria and Libya to suppress democracy.

This now is entirely in your hands to determine.
I know it sounds unbelievable but nevertheless it is happening TODAY.

Act now - while you can.

We need you to help


Re:ERC POLICE STATE 12 years ago #2

  • lasercow
  • Administrator
  • Posts: 3766
  • Karma: 54
I think you can all guess who the local activist is - I don't think Mary will have heard the last of this.

An unfounded complaint has been made against a well-known local activist, just after he pointed out to a candidate that she was breaking the law by standing inside a polling station. The police response appears to have been completely over the top, and I understand that the matter will be subject of a complaint.

ERC have to accept that not everyone agrees with them - it is a free country - or so we thought.

More to follow.

Re:ERC POLICE STATE 12 years ago #3

  • Mady
I am just so glad to have come across this information before I sauntered over to has most definately changed the way I will vote! Do these people STILL not realise that they are there purely because the electorate put them there....and with more information like this.....will just as quickly remove them!!

Re:ERC POLICE STATE 12 years ago #4

  • Jack
  • Expert Boarder
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Who was it that was dug up by the polis

Re:ERC POLICE STATE 12 years ago #5

  • DJ
Vince, it was your very own administrator of this site and chairman of ERNHW, Tom Taylor and his good lady.
I've put out an emergency BN on this.
Clearly if these people get back in they will be seeking revenge.
All activists have been put on high alert.

I hope this results in criminal prosecutions.

Freedom of speech is not welcome in this Labour/SNP controlled state.

Re:ERC POLICE STATE 12 years ago #6

  • Concerned ERC Parent
First things first - hope Tom and Mrs Taylor are ok.

I would say I can't believe this but....

I also received the emergency BN and I have forwarded it on. Managed to get a few die hard Labour/SNP supporters in various wards to change their minds or just to go out and vote.

Also, there is a large save the green belt banner at Cheviot Drive along the back fences so what's next police knocking down doors there?

C'mon please get a grip.
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