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A Barrhead pub will be turned into a funeral parlour after a successful appeal to the Scottish Government.

East Renfrewshire Council’s decision to reject the unpopular bid has been overturned despite opposition from nearby residents.

Sava Estates now has permission to convert the former Hurlet Carvery, even though the council’s planning committee ruled there was a lack of parking provision and a risk of congestion.

Mike Shiel, a reporter appointed by the government, decided the 69 parking spaces included in the company’s application were adequate.

“The council refused planning permission solely on the basis that the development would result in road congestion at this location, and that there was a lack of parking provision,” his report stated.

“However, there are 69 parking spaces within the site, and the council has provided no evidence as to why it considers this to be inadequate.

“The council’s own road services department recommended that there should be one parking space per two seats in the proposed chapel, and the amount of parking provided seemed adequate. I see no reason to disagree with that view.”

Plans to turn the once-popular pub into a funeral parlour were set to get the green light in May, when the council’s planning officers recommended the scheme for approval.

But residents living near to the site feared an increase in traffic and noise pollution.

The planning committee decided to reject the proposal, with Councillor Stewart Miller saying those who took part in a site visit thought the exit was “too dangerous”.

In its appeal, the applicant blasted that decision as “flawed” and “incompetent”, pointing out the council’s own officers had recommended the plan for approval.

Mr Shiel found there was “unlikely to be any increase in the use of the access to the site” from the A736 Glasgow Road.

“With regards to the access from the A726 Hurlet Road, Transport Scotland did not advise against the granting of planning permission, nor did it suggest that any conditions be imposed,” the report added.

He said no evidence had been provided to show existing levels of congestion at the junction. “I fully understand the concerns of the occupants of the nearby Hurlet Cottages about their access to and from this junction. However, this is an existing problem, and I am not convinced that the funeral parlour would exacerbate it.”

Earlier this year, a multi-million pound plan to build East Renfrewshire’s first crematorium next to St Conval’s Cemetery in Barrhead was approved. Mr Shiel said: “This will be a much more significant development in the green belt, which the council judged to be acceptable.”

The funeral parlour is expected to handle between 500 and 1,000 funerals per year. Most services will take place away from the parlour, in a church or crematorium. However, there will be a small chapel on site.

Plans show the premises would be open from 9am to 5pm on seven days a week, with up to eight staff present between 8am and 6pm.

An appeal against the decision could made to the Court of Session in Edinburgh. A letter detailing the decision has been sent to relevant parties, stating any appeal must be made within six weeks and can only be made on a point of law.]]>
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Subject: Licensing Committee Meeting - Tuesday 13 August at 2.00pm - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45942-licensing-committee-meeting-tuesday-13-august-at-200pm#45942 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45942-licensing-committee-meeting-tuesday-13-august-at-200pm#45942
A meeting of the Licensing Committee will be held in The Council Chamber, Council Headquarters, Eastwood Park, Giffnock,

on Tuesday 13 August at 2.00pm.

A pre-meeting for Elected Members will take place in the Members’ Lounge at 1.30pm.

The agenda of business is listed below.

Caroline InnesC INNES

1.Report apologies for absence.

2.Declarations of Interest.

Resolution to Exclude Press and Public

It is recommended that the Committee passes the following resolution:-

"That under Section 50A(4) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, as amended, the press and public be excluded from the meeting for the following items of business on the grounds that they involve the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in Paragraphs 6 and 14 of Part I of Schedule 7A of the Act as appropriate".

Paragraph 6 –Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (other than the authority) –all Items.

Paragraph 14 –Any action taken or to be taken in connection with the prevention, investigation or prosecution of crime –all items.

3.Private Hire Car Driver’s Licence – Application for Grant –
Report by ChiefOfficer (Legal & Procurement)
(copy attached, pages 3 - 6).

4.Private Hire Car Driver’s Licence – Application for Grant –
Report by ChiefOfficer (Legal & Procurement)
(copy attached, pages 7 - 10).

5.Private Hire Car Driver’s Licence – Application for Grant –
Report by ChiefOfficer (Legal & Procurement)
(copy attached, pages 11 - 14).

6.Private Hire Car Driver’s Licence – Request for Suspension –
Report by ChiefOfficer (Legal & Procurement)
(copy attached, pages 15 - 20).

7.Private Hire Car Operator’s Licence – Request for Suspension –
Report by Chief Officer (Legal & Procurement)
(copy attached, pages 21 - 24).

You can read the actual Agenda here -

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Subject: Cllr David Macdonald - I have left the Liberal Democrats - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45940-cllr-david-macdonald-i-have-left-the-liberal-democrats#45940 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45940-cllr-david-macdonald-i-have-left-the-liberal-democrats#45940
In a resignation letter to the Chairman of East Renfrewshire Liberal Democrats posted on his Facebook page Cllr MacDonald has written -

'party political membership is just not for me '

'I was elected as an Independent and while I have been a member of a party I feel I cannot represent constituents to the best of my ability '

'I need to return to the type of elected membership I feel most comfortable with '

'That being 100% focussed on the people within my ward '

You can read more on Cllr MacDonald's Facebook page.]]>
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Subject: Audit and Scrutiny Committee Meeting - Thursday, 15 August 2019 at 2.00 pm - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45938-audit-and-scrutiny-committee-meeting-thursday-15-august-2019-at-200-pm#45938 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45938-audit-and-scrutiny-committee-meeting-thursday-15-august-2019-at-200-pm#45938
A meeting of the Audit and Scrutiny Committee will be held in the Council Chamber, Council Headquarters, Eastwood Park, Giffnock,

on Thursday, 15 August 2019 at 2.00 pm.

You can read the Agenda/Papers here -


I would encourage all East Renfrewshire Council Tax Payers/Residents to ask their Councillors that all these Committee meetings are Webcast and made available for viewing at their own convenience.

You should not have to sit in a Public Gallery at a date and time of the Councillors choosing.

You should be able to view these committee meetings at a time convenient to you.]]>
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Subject: Cabinet Committee Meeting - Thursday, 15 August 2019 at 10.00am - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45934-cabinet-committee-meeting-thursday-15-august-2019-at-1000am?limit=6&start=12#45934 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45934-cabinet-committee-meeting-thursday-15-august-2019-at-1000am?limit=6&start=12#45934
A meeting of the Cabinet will be held in the Council Chamber, East Renfrewshire Council Headquarters, Eastwood Park, Giffnock on

Thursday, 15 August 2019 at 10.00am

Agenda Item 5 -

Report by Chief Executive

You can read the agenda/papers here -

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Subject: Just how flawed was the council 'consultation' on Eastwood Leisure Centre - by: Newsline http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45933-just-how-flawed-was-the-council-consultation-on-eastwood-leisure-centre?limit=6&start=6#45933 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45933-just-how-flawed-was-the-council-consultation-on-eastwood-leisure-centre?limit=6&start=6#45933 New Leisure Centre)

We are still not there, however we are somewhat closer to discovering the facts.]]>
Public Forum Tue, 06 Aug 2019 14:21:16 +0000
Subject: The secret / undemocratic world of ERC - by: Newsline http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45932-the-secret--undemocratic-world-of-erc#45932 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45932-the-secret--undemocratic-world-of-erc#45932
Neither were we, but we can now reveal the details.

As a result of Freedom of Information requests (FOI) we are now in possession of information that the public of East Renfrewshire have never been aware of.]]>
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Subject: Community Council nominations now open - closes on Wednesday 28 August at 4.45pm - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45931-community-council-nominations-now-open-closes-on-wednesday-28-august-at-445pm#45931 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45931-community-council-nominations-now-open-closes-on-wednesday-28-august-at-445pm#45931
Public Forum Mon, 05 Aug 2019 16:02:18 +0000
Subject: PLANNING APPLICATIONS COMMITTEE (then LOCAL REVIEW BODY) MEETING - Wednesday, 7 August 2019 at 2.00pm - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45930-planning-applications-committee-then-local-review-body-meeting-wednesday-7-august-2019-at-200pm#45930 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45930-planning-applications-committee-then-local-review-body-meeting-wednesday-7-august-2019-at-200pm#45930
A meeting of the Planning Applications Committee will be held in the Council Chamber, Council Headquarters, Eastwood Park, Giffnock on

Wednesday, 7 August 2019 at 2.00pm.

You can read the papers here -



A meeting of the Local Review Body will be held in the Council Chamber, Council Headquarters, Eastwood Park, Giffnock on

Wednesday, 7 August 2019 at 2.30pm.

You can read the papers here -

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Subject: Plans submitted for flats at Williamwood Golf Club - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45927-plans-submitted-for-flats-at-williamwood-golf-club#45927 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45927-plans-submitted-for-flats-at-williamwood-golf-club#45927

By Kevin McRoberts

Published: 15:51 Wednesday 31 July 2019

Plans submitted for flats at Williamwood Golf Club to generate ‘much-needed revenue’

Williamwood Golf Club has submitted a planning application to build 14 flats in a move the generate “much-needed revenue”.

The application, submitted this week to East Renfrewshire Council, seeks permission for a residential flatted development, plus parking, the formation of a new vehicular access and ancillary works at Williamwood Golf Club in Clarkston.

It’s accompanied by a report which highlights some of the difficulties currently faced by the golf club and indicates that without interventions and changes the club “may become unsustainable”.

The report, compiled by Glasgow-based North Planning and Development, on behalf of Williamwood Golf Club and housebuilder Mactaggart & Mickel Homes Ltd, states that while the site of the proposed residential development is part of the grounds of the golf club, it is unused and not part of the course.

The report emphasises that the development “does not in any way compromise the integrity or quality of the golf course”.

It goes on to say that the development would generate much-needed funds which could be used to make improvements to the course and golf club, benefiting existing members and hopefully attract new members, helping ensure the club is sustainable over the longer term.

The golf club has suffered a drop in income, with membership falling consistently for 10 years.

However, the golf club has set out a strategy which includes measures to increase the number of social/community members, stopping the decline in total membership. The aim is to create a more sustainable facility for the local population to access and use for a range of purposes.

Many golf clubs across the country have been struggling in recent years due to dwindling memberships.

In May this year, Eastwood Golf Club in Newton Mearns was forced to close after being declared bankrupt]]>
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Subject: Neilston vandalised area is ‘disgrace’ - by: Ernhw Ltd http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45924-neilston-vandalised-area-is-disgrace#45924 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45924-neilston-vandalised-area-is-disgrace#45924 By Pippa Smith

GRAFFITI and litter scattered behind Neilston’s Main Street has been branded ‘a real bone of contention’.

The lane, which runs behind the village’s Killoch Bar and is frequently used by families to walk to and from Neilston Primary School, has been subjected to broken glass, litter and graffiti sprayed across the fencing.

And residents have slammed the vandalism as a ‘disgrace’.

John Scott, of Neilston Community Council, said: “This has always been a bit of a problem – it has been a real bone of contention.

“We highlighted this as being a problem area around seven or eight months ago and one of the problems was cars being dumped [near to the lane] as well.

“They got taken away and the place was cleaned and tidied up – it looked really good when this was done.

“The cleansing department at East Renfrewshire Council were hoping to rearrange the wall, to make such that it wasn’t so inviting for kids to sit on and hang around.

“The trouble is, the under-age drinkers would rather smash the bottles than put them in the bin, but it comes and goes.

“The clean up in the area seems to have deteriorated but I think this is probably associated with the school holidays.

“The previous graffiti was quite obscene, before it was cleaned. I don’t really know what the answer to it is.”

A spokesman for East Renfrewshire Council told the Barrhead News that the authority was aware of the graffiti problem, and that a team would be sent out to deal with the issue as quickly as possible.

He added: “It is extremely disappointing when our communities are blighted by graffiti and we would encourage residents to report incidents as soon as possible.

“Once we are informed about an area of graffiti, our removal team will attend to deal with it.

“Our community wardens also carry out increased patrols around known hot spots to try to deter this type of behaviour within our communities.”]]>
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Subject: Surely now it is time for the Leisure Trust, Board Members and the Chief Executive to embrace the Spirit of Freedom of Information - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45916-surely-now-it-is-time-for-the-leisure-trust-board-members-and-the-chief-executive-to-embrace-the-spirit-of-freedom-of-information#45916 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45916-surely-now-it-is-time-for-the-leisure-trust-board-members-and-the-chief-executive-to-embrace-the-spirit-of-freedom-of-information#45916
Public Forum Wed, 24 Jul 2019 09:56:55 +0000
Subject: The Leisure Trust do not want you to read this report - Why? - Read and decide for yourself - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45911-the-leisure-trust-do-not-want-you-to-read-this-report-why-read-and-decide-for-yourself?limit=6&start=12#45911 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45911-the-leisure-trust-do-not-want-you-to-read-this-report-why-read-and-decide-for-yourself?limit=6&start=12#45911
It has only been obtained via FOI by going previously to the Scottish Information Commissioner.

It has taken over 2 and a half years to get this far.

Even then,the report has been redacted by the Trust.

There are problems trying to publish these documents on the Forum.

What follows is a text transcript of the original report released through FOI.

As it is a long document, It will appear over various posts - but will get there in the end !

Please read and you can decide for yourself why the Trust do not want you(East Renfrewshire Council Tax Payers) to read the report.

East Renfrewshire Council Tax Payers give £4.5m+ yearly to the Trust.]]>
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