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It would appear there was a widespread problem with Black Ice on pavements, car parks etc.]]>
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Subject: Councillors and Eastwood Park Masterplan cross party member and officer working group - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46287-councillors-and-eastwood-park-masterplan-cross-party-member-and-officer-working-group?limit=6&start=12#46287 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46287-councillors-and-eastwood-park-masterplan-cross-party-member-and-officer-working-group?limit=6&start=12#46287 Subject:Eastwood Park Masterplan cross party member and officer working group.

I am writing to you regarding the Eastwood Park Masterplan cross party member and officer working group.

The first report regarding this matter was commissioned in early 2014. It is now 2020 - 7 years on.

I would request that your constituents are represented regarding this matter and the following be addressed in the terms of reference and/or agenda -

1. Why no representation on the group from Busby, Clarkston, Netherlee, Williamwood ? How will these Residents have their views/requirements represented?

2. The Councils inability to maintain the existing complex( if the Council had spent money on maintaining the existing complex, there would not be such an urgent need for new build replacement)

3. The Councils inability to maintain any new Leisure Complex and/or buildings in Eastwood Park

4. What is the cost of the continuing support by consultants?

5. What input from Residents/Leisure Centre Users? Why Membership of group should not include Residents/Leisure Centre Users?

6. The influence of the Leisure Trust on the group? (Group dominated by 6 Leisure Trust members - CEO + 1 non elected member + 4 Elected members)

7. What will be the cost for this cross party member and officer working group?

8. What about openness and transparency -

- Is this cross party member and officer working group to be conducted in secrecy?

- When can we expect information during the life of this cross party member and officer working group?

- Will this this cross party member and officer working group conduct business/convene in public?

- Will this cross party member and officer working group meetings be available via webcast?

9. The case for a 50m pool?

10. The cost of 50m pool?

11. The case for a 25m pool?

12. The saving cost of 25m pool?

13. What about running costs for all the options?

14. What about Maintenance costs for all the options?

15. Will the actual cost be nearer £60M?

16. How can the current Leisure Centre/pool be kept open for another 5 years?

17. Running Costs for keeping Leisure Centre/pool open for another 5 years?

18. Maintenance Costs for keeping Leisure Centre/pool open for another 5 years?

19. Public transport access to Eastwood Park from Busby, Clarkston, Netherlee, Williamwood

20. Is this not a 'Vanity Project' rather than what is actually required?

21. There is a sizeable number who regularly use the current gym facilities and who are currently satisfied with the size of the gym and the facilities - They are not interested in a large 'barn' gym and a Changing Village. How will their views be represented by this group ?

22. Is Refurbishment of the current facilities still a viable option?

23. It is essential that the input from Councillors who are members of East Renfrewshire Culture & Leisure Trust Board - Councillors Paul O’Kane , Colm Merrick, Barbara Grant , Jim Fletcher is clearly defined as to whether they are acting on behalf of

- Their constituents/Council


- East Renfrewshire Culture & Leisure Trust

For clarification -

Councillors who are members of East Renfrewshire Culture & Leisure Trust Board -

Councillor Paul O’Kane , Councillor Colm Merrick, Councillor Barbara Grant , Councillor Jim Fletcher

Company law demands that -

‘all board members must place the interest of the trust before that of the Local Authority, including councillors and officers.’

'Although councillors can and will be on the board, the law is clear that they are there in a private capacity and not present to reflect the needs of the council.'

23. The latest info from The Leisure Trust still posted on their Website is -

'"Therefore, we strongly support Option 4 - a new state-of-the-art culture and leisure facility on a different site within the Eastwood area. This is the only option which would allow us to gain a specifically designed culture and leisure centre which can provide all these required facilities.'

Is it still the view of the Leisure Trust that the only option is a new build on an alternative 'greenspace' site?

24. Is the School/Education Dept taking over Eastwood Park?

Your help with raising and addressing these matters with the group will be appreciated.

An acknowledgement and update would be appreciated.

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Subject: Cabinet Committee Meeting - Thursday, 30 January 2020 at 10.00am - Council HQ - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46284-cabinet-committee-meeting-thursday-30-january-2020-at-1000am-council-hq#46284 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46284-cabinet-committee-meeting-thursday-30-january-2020-at-1000am-council-hq#46284 T Buchanan (Chair); C Bamforth; D Devlin; A Lafferty; C Merrick; and P O’Kane.


A meeting of the Cabinet will be held in the Council Chamber, East Renfrewshire Council Headquarters, Eastwood Park, Giffnock on

Thursday, 30 January 2020 at 10.00am.

The agenda of business is as shown below.

Caroline Innes


1.Report apologies for absence.

2.Declarations of Interest.

3.Estimated Revenue Budget Out-turn 2019/20 – Report by Chief Financial Officer(copy attached, pages 3 - 40).

4.Exemption from Tendering – Extended Use of ICT Contracts – Report by DeputyChief Executive (copy attached, pages 41 - 50).

5.Welfare Contingency Fund Update - Report by Deputy Chief Executive - (copyattached, pages 51 - 56).

You can read the Complete Agenda/Papers here -

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Subject: Ward 4 Councillors in Bust Up ! - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46283-ward-4-councillors-in-bust-up-#46283 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46283-ward-4-councillors-in-bust-up-#46283

Posted Cllr David MacDonald's Facebook page 20/1/20 -

Cllr David Macdonald -
An Independent voice for people is in Busby, East Renfrewshire, United Kingdom.

4 hrs ·

A message to the people of Busby.

I am sure you have all recently received a copy of Cllr. Annette Ireland's calendar of bin collections through your letterboxes.

While I am sure she attempts to make it look like this is a courtesy, let us call this for what it is.

A hopeless attempt to try to butter you up and to get back in the good books with the people of this village.

I know the people of Busby and it simply won't wash.

Let's concentrate on the facts.

In January of 2019, the Planning Applications Committee convened and considered the application by East Renfrewshire Council Education Department to remove the playing field at Busby Primary School and to build the new nursery on this field and to build a plant equipment room on top of the existing nursery play area.

161 written objections from residents of Busby were received by the committee.

Cllr. Annette Ireland is the Chair of the planning applications Committee.

Despite the number of written objections, not only did Cllr. Annette Ireland, a ward 4 Councillor representing Busby, vote to approve the removal of our playing field, she moved to approve it.

What was her motivation to push so hard against so many in a village in her own ward?

Why would she not vote based on what the residents wanted?

Is it not her responsibility to represent the people first before anything else?

As a result of the vote 4 to 3, the plan was approved.

I was in the chamber at that meeting to witness, what I consider to be, a complete dereliction of duty towards the people a member is elected to represent.

When the community called out in unison against this application, Cllr. Annette Ireland failed to stand up for the people of Busby and voted against their wishes.

These are simply the facts.

So let's not concentrate on fridge calendars but rather focus on a very important single date.


That is the date of the next council election. Please use your opportunity on this date to elect candidates who will stick up for what the community want and not throw you all under a bus......or in this particular case, a cement mixer truck.

I won't idly stand by and allow people not to be aware of exactly what happened to cause the removal of a field that was there for over 143 years.

Busby playing field. 1876 - 2019.]]>
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Subject: Hub West Scotland Limited - East Renfrewshire Council - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46277-hub-west-scotland-limited-east-renfrewshire-council#46277 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46277-hub-west-scotland-limited-east-renfrewshire-council#46277
Hub West Scotland Limited is a development organisation working with its public sector partners to plan, design, build, finance and maintain buildings in the most efficient and effective manner which delivers better value for money and ultimately improved public services.

The Company operates across the Greater Glasgow area and west of Scotland which includes the local authority areas of Glasgow, East & West Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire,

East Renfrewshire

and Inverclyde.

Ultimate parent company and controlling party

At 31 march 2019, Hub West Scotland Limited was jointly owned by

Wellspring Partnership Limited(60%)
Scottish Futures Trust Investments Limited(10%)
various public sector participants(30%)

Wellspring Partnership Limited is jointly owned by

Morgan Sindall Investments Limited(registered in England and Wales)
Apollo(Hub West) Limited (registered in England and Wales)
Community Solutions Management Services (Hub) Limited (registered in England and Wales)

All companies are registered in Scotland except where stated otherwise.

The Directors are of the opinion that there is no ultimate parent undertaking or controlling party by virtue of the Company's joint ownership and control.

You can read the Companies House info here -


You can read the filed report

06 Aug 2019 Full accounts made up to 31 March 2019

here -


Listed on Companies House Website as Director -

MCCROSSAN, Margaret Brown Porteous

Correspondence address
6th Floor, Merchant Exchange, 20 Bell Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom, G1 1LG

Role Active

Appointed on
2 July 2013


From East Renfrewshire Council Website -

Margaret McCrossan

Margaret McCrossan is the Head of Accountancy and the council's Chief Financial Officer.

Margaret gained her Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) qualification in 1986 with Strathclyde Regional Council, where she worked from 1981 to 1995, specialising in budgeting and project accountancy.

After overseeing the separation of the Regional Council's budget to the new successor authorities Margaret moved to Inverclyde Council before joining East Renfrewshire Council in 2001.

Margaret took over as Head of Accountancy in 2004 and assumed Chief Financial Officer responsibilities in 2014. In addition to her mainstream accounting duties she continues to play a key role in the council's PFI/PPP and hub schemes and is also a director of Hub West Scotland.

Margaret has also held several voluntary roles including CIPFA examiner and treasurer to two charitable organisations. In 2001 she received CIPFA's Sir Harry Page merit award as part of a working group which produced guidance on Activity Based Costing.]]>
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Subject: Eastwood Park Pool Closed 12 december 2019 - Further Extention to Closure - Mid January - Now Mid-February !! - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46268-eastwood-park-pool-closed-12-december-2019-further-extention-to-closure-mid-january-now-mid-february-#46268 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46268-eastwood-park-pool-closed-12-december-2019-further-extention-to-closure-mid-january-now-mid-february-#46268
Posted Leisure Trust Web Site -

Eastwood Park swimming pool is closed for essential maintenance. The pool will be closed until mid-February. We will advise the exact date for re-opening as soon as it becomes available. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. Please check back for further updates.

Read more here -

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Subject: Audit & Scrutiny Committee Meeting - Thursday, 23 January 2020 at 2.00 pm - Council HQ - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46264-audit-a-scrutiny-committee-meeting-thursday-23-january-2020-at-200-pm-council-hq#46264 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46264-audit-a-scrutiny-committee-meeting-thursday-23-january-2020-at-200-pm-council-hq#46264 Stewart Miller (Chair), Barbara Grant (Vice-Chair), Provost Jim Fletcher, and Councillors Charlie Gilbert, Annette Ireland, Jim McLean and Jim Swift.


A meeting of the Audit and Scrutiny Committee will be held in the Council Chamber, Council Headquarters, Eastwood Park, Giffnock,

on Thursday, 23 January 2020 at 2.00 pm.



1. Report apologies for absence.

2. Declarations of interest.

3. Chair’s Report.

4. Internal Audit Plan 2019/20 – Implementation Progress – October to December 2019 – Report by Chief Auditor (copy attached, pages 3 - 14).

You can read the Agenda/Papers here -

Public Forum Fri, 17 Jan 2020 16:18:41 +0000
Subject: Licensing Committee Meeting - Tuesday 21Januaryat 2.00pm - Council HQ - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46263-licensing-committee-meeting-tuesday-21januaryat-200pm-council-hq#46263 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46263-licensing-committee-meeting-tuesday-21januaryat-200pm-council-hq#46263 Councillors A. Convery (Chair); B.Cunningham (Vice Chair); C. Gilbert; A. Lafferty; and S.Miller.


A meeting of the Licensing Committee will be held in The Council Chamber, Council Headquarters, Eastwood Park, Giffnock,

on Tuesday 21Januaryat 2.00pm.

A pre-meeting for Elected Members will take place in the Members’ Lounge at 1.30pm.The agenda of business is listed below.

Caroline Innes

1.Report apologies for absence.

2.Declarations of Interest.

Resolution to Exclude Press and Public

It is recommended that the Committee passes the following resolution:-

"That under Section 50A(4) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, as amended, the press and public be excluded from the meeting for the following items of businesson the grounds that they involve the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in Paragraphs 6 and 14 of Part I of Schedule 7A of the Act as appropriate".

Paragraph 6 –Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (other than the authority) –all Items.

Paragraph 14 –Any action taken or to be taken in connection with the prevention, investigation or prosecution of crime –all items

3.Private Hire Car Driver’s Licence – Application for Grant – Report by ChiefOfficer (Legal & Procurement) (copy attached, pages 3 - 10).

4.Private Hire Car Driver’s Licence – Application for Grant – Report by ChiefOfficer (Legal & Procurement) (copy attached, pages 11 - 16).

5.Private Hire Car Driver’s Licence – Application for Grant – Report by ChiefOfficer (Legal & Procurement) (copy attached, pages 17 - 20).

6.Private Hire Car Driver’s Licence – Application for Grant – Report by ChiefOfficer (Legal & Procurement) (copy attached, pages 21 - 24).

7.Private Hire Car Driver’s Licence – Application for Grant – Report by ChiefOfficer (Legal & Procurement) (copy attached, pages 25 - 28).

8.Private Hire Car Driver’s Licence – Application for Grant – Report by ChiefOfficer (Legal & Procurement) (copy attached, pages 29 - 36).

9.Private Hire Car Driver’s Licence – Application for Grant – Report by ChiefOfficer (Legal & Procurement) (copy attached, pages 37 - 42).

10.Private Hire Car Driver’s Licence and Private Hire Car Operator’s Licence –Request for Suspension – Report by Chief Officer (Legal & Procurement) (copyattached, pages 43 - 50).

You can read the Agenda here -

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Subject: Billions of taxpayers’ cash given to ‘aimless’ City Deals - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46259-billions-of-taxpayers-cash-given-to-aimless-city-deals#46259 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46259-billions-of-taxpayers-cash-given-to-aimless-city-deals#46259
Article rank
16 Jan 2020
The Herald
By Tom Gordon

Funds poured into areas without goals or checks, watchdog warns

BILLIONS of pounds are being poured into Scotland’s cities and regions without clear goals or checks to ensure value for money, public finance watchdogs have warned.

The Accounts Commission and Auditor General for Scotland said high-profile City Deals and regional growth deals worth £5.2 billion lacked transparency and bypassed local communities.

Chances to align the projects with the Scottish Government’s policy goals had probably been missed.

The long-term projects were also threatened by budget cuts across Scotland’s councils, which supply many of the key staff involved.

In a new report, the watchdogs urged the Scottish Government and councils to set clear aims, clarify lines of responsibility and explain their financial planning.

However, the report also found benefits from the deals, which are still in their early years.

The Scottish Greens said it showed the current system was “opaque and directionless”.

The Scottish Government accepted the findings of the report, and pledged to reflect on them in conjunction with the UK Government and local authorities.

The UK Government introduced City Deals in 2011 as a way of spurring long-term economic growth in councils and regions.

In Scotland, four deals – Glasgow City Region, Aberdeen, Inverness & Highland, and Edinburgh and South East Scotland – have been signed off, with eight more in development.

In total, the deals involve £5.2bn committed over 20 years from the UK and Scottish Governments, councils and partner organisations such as business and universities.

Most of the money will go towards transport infrastructure, as well as centres of excellence for business, skills training and academia.

Auditors found the deals had enabled projects that might otherwise not have gone ahead, and been a catalyst for collaboration between councils and their partners.

However, despite the huge sums involved, there were also basic flaws in the system.

The report said that, five years after signing the first deal, SNP ministers had still not set “clear objectives or outcomes for the deals programme”, or explained “how it will know if deals are value for money”, or if they will help deliver the Government’s own goals.

It said: “Opportunities to maximise the impact of deals on Government priorities may have been missed,” it said, although it noted that later deals were better aligned with policy.

But a lack of transparency and public data meant it was “not clear why some projects are selected and approved for funding and others are not”, and made scrutiny harder.

Local communities had “very little involvement” in the process, and accountability was “untested”, with uncertainty about what would happen if a partner failed to deliver.

There was also a fear that “shortages of staff, money and skills across councils are risks to the successful delivery of deals”.

The report concluded: “There is a need to clarify what the overall programme of City Deals is expected to achieve, how individual deals will take account of national and local economic development priorities, and to provide more information on the funding of deals.”

Auditor General for Scotland Caroline Gardner said: “The Scottish Government needs to show how it will measure deals’ long-term success and work with councils to improve transparency around the approval process for individual projects.”

Accounts Commission chair Graham said: “City Deals have had a positive effect across Scotland, strengthening relationships between councils, government, business, our universities and other partners.

“It’s early days, but it’s important lines of accountability for deals are now made clearer and that the right staff are in place.”

Labour MSP Colin Smyth said: “While investment from growth deals is welcome and badly needed, the process for developing deals is ad-hoc, negotiated in secret, with little input from local communities.

“Why certain projects are chosen over others can be a mystery. It’s also clear investment in growth deals does not compensate for Scottish Government cuts in council budgets.”

Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie said: “While it would be hard to spend £5.2bn without some kind of positive impact, this troubling report reveals just how opaque and directionless George Osborne’s City Deals have turned out in Scotland.

“No doubt some worthwhile projects have been funded, but in many places old proposals that just never made sense have been dusted down and given the green light.

“This report should be a wake-up call to the Scottish Government. Scotland’s city and region deals need to stop financing failed old models of city planning like bypasses and flyovers and be re-profiled to prioritise efforts to lower emissions and build the sustainable, inclusive cities of the future.”

The Scottish Government said it welcomed the report’s comments on “the positive effect” deals were having, including “strengthening relationships between councils, government, business, universities and other partners.

A spokesperson said: “The Scottish Government’s commitment to deals now exceeds £1.8bn and we are already taking steps to improve how we measure the long term success of our deals programme.”

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Subject: Soaring need for welfare funds reveals Barrhead poverty - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46256-soaring-need-for-welfare-funds-reveals-barrhead-poverty#46256 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46256-soaring-need-for-welfare-funds-reveals-barrhead-poverty#46256

Exclusive by Steph Brawn @BrawnJourno Chief Reporter

Soaring need for welfare funds reveals Barrhead poverty

THERE are calls for action after the number of people in East Renfrewshire applying for emergency grants soared.

Latest statistics show there was an increase of almost 50 per cent in applications to the Scottish Welfare Fund between 2014 and 2018.

The fund helps people on low incomes through both crisis grants and community care grants.

More than 1,000 applications were made in 2018 alone and, in the first two quarters of 2019, there were 550 applications.

There was a rise of one-fifth in the number of East Renfrewshire residents applying for community care grants between 2014 and 2018, with a massive 75 per cent increase in the number applying for crisis grants.

Councillor Angela Convery, who represents Barrhead, Liboside and Uplawmoor, said: “A 75 per cent rise in people applying for crisis grants just goes to show how bad the situation is.”

It is thought an increase in the number of people relying on Universal Credit has played a part in the rise in applications to the welfare fund.

“The five-week waiting time for them to receive any money to live on is just disgusting,” said Councillor Convery.

“For the majority, applying for a crisis grant is the only way for them to put food on their tables and keep themselves warm – a luxury that most of us take for granted.

In the first half of 2019, more than 200 local people applied for a community care grant, with the vast majority being accepted.

More than 300 people applied for a crisis grant in that time, with 200 being successful.

Director of the Scottish Poverty Alliance, Peter Kelly, said: “The growing numbers of people being pushed into poverty in East Renfrewshire is a direct result of decisions that have been made about our social security system, like the benefits freeze and the five-week wait for Universal Credit.

"We need a social security system that prevents people from having to access emergency support but we also need more investment in the Scottish Welfare Fund to ensure that it can meet this growing demand.”

A crisis grant is handed out if someone is in financial trouble due to a disaster such as a flood or fire, while a community care grant is designed to help people carry on living a settled life in the community.

The latter is usually given to people who are experiencing some sort of “great pressure,” such as coming out of care or imprisonment.

Renfrewshire South MSP Tom Arthur said the statistics are “deeply concerning.”

Between the start of April and end of June last year, East Renfrewshire Council spent well over £100,000 on handing out the two grants.

East Renfrewshire has approved almost 5,400 grant applications since 2013, when the scheme was launched.]]>
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Subject: Planning Application to turn Eastwoodhill Eventide Home into 56 flats has been withdrawn - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46255-planning-application-to-turn-eastwoodhill-eventide-home-into-56-flats-has-been-withdrawn#46255 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46255-planning-application-to-turn-eastwoodhill-eventide-home-into-56-flats-has-been-withdrawn#46255

Plans to convert Giffnock care home shelved by council

PLANS to convert a Giffnock care home – which was closed by a sheriff over concern for residents – into flats have been withdrawn.

An application to turn Eastwoodhill Eventide Home into 56 flats was set to go before East Renfrewshire Council’s planning applications committee on Wednesday.

It had been recommended for refusal by planning officers but will no longer be considered.

Westpoint Homes Ltd had submitted the application, requesting permission to convert the care home and erect new flats.

The new build element would have consisted of four blocks of flats. More than 100 car parking spaces were also included.

There were concerns over the “scale, height, size and massing of the proposed buildings”, a council report revealed.

It will have a “detrimental impact” on the setting and “adversely impact on the visual amenity and character of the site,” the report added.

Giffnock Community Council had concerns regarding an increase in traffic, road safety and construction parking while the council’s environmental health service raised potential noise issues.

A second application for the demolition of an extension to the side of the care home, and listed building consent for alterations to the property to allow four flats, has also been withdrawn.

That application, which would have seen a two-bed flat and three three-bed flats built, had been recommended for approval.

“The proposed works will result in the removal of a side extension that is not sympathetic in appearance to the listed building and will result in a listed building remaining in use,” the council report stated.

Eastwoodhill was designated as a listed building in 1978 but surrounding buildings on the site do not form part of the listing.

A sheriff made an order suspending the registration of the home in July 2018.

“A recent unannounced inspection identified serious concerns about the quality of care experienced by residents,” a Care Inspectorate spokesperson said at the time.]]>
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Subject: £90,000(£22,500 each) has been allocated for Auchenback, Barrhead, Neilston and Thornliebank to support community causes and non-profit organisations - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46251#46251 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46251#46251

19 mins ago
Barrhead groups can bid for share of £90,000 community cash

FOUR communities in East Renfrewshire will have a chance to bid for a share of £90,000.

A total of £22,500 each has been allocated for Auchenback, Barrhead, Neilston and Thornliebank to help support community causes and non-profit organisations.

Eligible groups can apply for a grant of £250 to £2,000 from the fund.

Local residents will then cast their votes for their favourite projects at events where applicants' proposals will be showcased.

The process is overseen by Linking Communities, an umbrella group made up of representatives from Barrhead, Neilston and Thornliebank.

Councillor Colm Merrick, Convener for Community Services and Community Safety, said: "Participatory Budgeting events have been a great success in previous years, so I am pleased our local residents have the opportunity again this year to decide how this money will be spent across these four areas.

"The investment will make a huge impact to these communities, so I would encourage all groups with an idea - no matter how big or small - to apply for funding, as it could be your idea which will greatly benefit the local area."

Applications, from new or existing projects, should benefit the community and address one or more of the six key community priorities that were highlighted by local residents.

These include community safety, health and wellbeing, environment, employability, older people and children.

Special consideration will be given to applications which address inequalities.

Applications are now open and close on Monday February 10 at 5pm.

The application pack and more details can be found here.


Community voting events will take place throughout March.]]>
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Subject: Eastwood Park Pool - Further Extention to Closure - Mid January ?? - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46249-eastwood-park-pool-further-extention-to-closure-mid-january-#46249 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46249-eastwood-park-pool-further-extention-to-closure-mid-january-#46249 30 December 2019 at 06:35 ·

Pool Closure | Eastwood Park Leisure | Update

During planned maintenance works at Eastwood Park swimming pool, further unforeseen issues have arisen.

This means the pool closure will be extended for approximately 2 further weeks.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused and will advise of the exact date for reopening as soon as it becomes available. Updates will be provided on our social media and website:


Eastwood Park swimming pool is closed for essential maintenance. The pool closure will last until mid-January - we will advise of the exact date for reopening as soon as it becomes available. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. Please check back for further updates.]]>
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Subject: Local Review Body Meeting - Wednesday, 15 January 2020 at 2.30pm or if later at the conclusion of the Planning Applications Committee(start2.00pm) - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46247-local-review-body-meeting-wednesday-15-january-2020-at-230pm-or-if-later-at-the-conclusion-of-the-planning-applications-committeestart200pm#46247 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46247-local-review-body-meeting-wednesday-15-january-2020-at-230pm-or-if-later-at-the-conclusion-of-the-planning-applications-committeestart200pm#46247 A Ireland (Chair), B Cunningham (Vice Chair), A Convery, J Fletcher, J McLean, S Miller and J Swift.


A meeting of the Local Review Body will be held in the Council Chamber, Council Headquarters, Eastwood Park, Giffnock

on Wednesday, 15 January 2020 at 2.30pm or if later at the conclusion of the Planning Applications Committee which begins at 2.00pm.

The agenda of business is as shown below.

Caroline Innes

1.Report apologies for absence.

2.Declarations of Interest.

3.Notice of Review – Review 2019/19 – Retention of Hardstanding at Site 280 metres NNW of Floak Bridge, Highfield Road, Newton Mearns (Ref No:- 2018/0560/TP) –Report by Deputy Chief Executive (copy attached, pages 3 - 236).

4.Notice of Review – Review 2019/21 – Enlargement of Dormer Windows at Front and Rear; Installation of Hipped Roof over existing Porch at Rear; Installation of Canopy at Rear; Alterations and Enlargement of Raised Decking at Rear at 48 Paidmyre Road, Newton Mearns (Ref No:- 2019/0413/TP) - Report by Deputy Chief Executive(copy attached, pages 237 - 448).

You can read the Agenda/Papers here -

Part 1 -


Part 2 -

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Subject: Planning Applications Committee Meeting - Wednesday, 15 January 2020 at 2.00pm - Council HQ - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46246-planning-applications-committee-meeting-wednesday-15-january-2020-at-200pm-council-hq#46246 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46246-planning-applications-committee-meeting-wednesday-15-january-2020-at-200pm-council-hq#46246 A Ireland (Chair), B Cunningham (Vice Chair), A Convery, J Fletcher, J McLean, S Miller and J Swift.


A meeting of the Planning Applications Committee will be held in the Council Chamber, Council Headquarters, Eastwood Park, Giffnock on

Wednesday, 15 January 2020 at 2.00pm.

The agenda of business is as shown below.
Caroline Innes

1.Report apologies for absence.

2.Declarations of Interest.

3.Applications for planning permission for consideration by the committee – Reports by Director of Environment (copy attached, pages 3 - 86).

Resolution to Exclude Press and Public

It is recommended that the committee pass the following resolution:-

"That under Section 50A(4) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, as amended, the press and public be excluded from the meeting for the following item of business on the grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in Paragraph 3 of Part I of Schedule 7A of the Act".

Paragraph 3 - Information relating to any particular applicant for, or recipient or former recipient of, any service provided by the authority.

4.Notice Requiring Proper Maintenance of Land – Report by Director of Environment(copy attached, pages 87 - 88).This document can be explained

You can read the Agenda/Applications/papers here -

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Subject: Barrhead councillors hold more surgeries than anywhere else in local authority - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46245-barrhead-councillors-hold-more-surgeries-than-anywhere-else-in-local-authority#46245 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46245-barrhead-councillors-hold-more-surgeries-than-anywhere-else-in-local-authority#46245

2 hrs ago

By Jack Haugh


MORE councillor surgeries have been held in Barrhead than anywhere else in East Renfrewshire, latest figures show.

Elected officials in the Barrhead, Liboside and Uplawmoor ward have met with constituents 195 times since the last council elections were held in 2017.

The figures have been revealed following a Freedom of Information request by the Barrhead News and show Angela Convery leads the way, both locally and across East Renfrewshire.

Her 93 surgeries put her ahead of fellow ward councillors Danny Devlin (69), Betty Cunningham (24) and Paul Aitken (nine).

She told the Barrhead News: “The reason I hold so many surgeries is that I’m fully aware this could be the most convenient way for residents to speak to their local councillor.

“Whether it is due to work commitments, no internet access or a lack of internet knowledge, for some residents this is the most effective way to access myself.”

When asked about his number of surgeries compared to his Barrhead peers, Councillor Aitken said: “I would point out that technology has moved on a bit and the vast majority of representations from constituents, for all councillors, are by email.

“I’d also point out I’ve spent a lot of time going door to door in Barrhead, delivering my business cards and actively encouraging Barrhead constituents to email me.”

Councillors in Newton Mearns North and Neilston have held the second most (143) surgeries, while those in the Giffnock and Thornliebank and Clarkston, Netherlee and Williamwood wards have both offered 139.

Newton Mearns South and Eaglesham councillors have held by the far the fewest since 2017, with only 21.

Council leader Tony Buchanan has held 51 surgeries and Provost Jim Fletcher has held 50.

However, four councillors in East Renfrewshire have opted out of holding surgeries altogether, calling them “inconvenient and unnecessary for constituents.”

This includes Independent man David MacDonald, who represents Clarkston, Netherlee and Williamwood.

He said: “Not a single person ever showed up for my surgeries in the first six months of my service as a councillor.

"I feel the system of setting up surgeries for local councillors to be an antiquated one that was designed a very long time ago, before mobile phones, the internet and social media were ever on the scene, and the system whereby an elected member engages with his or her constituents has evolved considerably.”

Newton Mearns South and Eaglesham councillors Caroline Bamforth, Jim Swift, and Barbara Grant have also argued the surgery system is no longer of use to constituents and, instead, they all offer home visits.]]>
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Subject: Teenage firebugs ‘dice with death’ by torching dustbins - by: Ernhw Ltd http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46244-teenage-firebugs-dice-with-death-by-torching-dustbins#46244 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46244-teenage-firebugs-dice-with-death-by-torching-dustbins#46244 Exclusive by Steph Brawn @BrawnJourno
Chief Reporter

EXPERTS have issued a health warning to mindless teenagers who have been torching wheelie bins in a bid to get high.

There are said to have been a number of incidents in which youngsters have set fire to the bins, releasing toxic fumes in the process.

Some teens have then inhaled the fumes, not realising the serious damage they could do to their health.

Dr Iain Kennedy, public health consultant at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, has described such behaviour as “extremely dangerous.”

He told the Barrhead News: “The fumes from the plastic are highly toxic.

“It’s important that people realise they are not going to get high setting fire to bins but will put themselves at risk of poisoning.

“Plastics can give off a number of different toxic fumes, including carbon monoxide, cyanide and dioxins which can have immediate and long-term harms to health.”

Councillor Paul Aitken, who represents Barrhead, Liboside and Uplawmoor as an Independent, said he is aware of a spate of wheelie bin fires in the area in recent months, including one which took place near to the Carlibar Family Centre.

He added: “I was shocked and disappointed when I spotted the remains of a burnt-out wheelie bin in the grounds there.

“I am aware of several other incidents in East Renfrewshire involving groups of youths melting down wheelie bins in order to inhale the toxic fumes.

“I have a a few thoughts. First, it is a danger to the lives of the youths inhaling those deadly fumes. Second, it is a potential hazard to others.”

East Renfrewshire Council has urged local residents to report any suspicious behaviour.

A spokesman said: “It is extremely disappointing when mindless vandals cause damage like this.

“We would urge all residents to report any suspicious activity to the police and also remind people of the dangers involved when taking part in this type of senseless behaviour.”]]>
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Subject: Police appeal for information on Giffnock woman's assault - by: Ernhw Ltd http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46243-police-appeal-for-information-on-giffnock-womans-assault#46243 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46243-police-appeal-for-information-on-giffnock-womans-assault#46243
East Renfrewshire police are appealing for help after a young woman was attacked by a hooded thug.

The 21-year-old victim was assaulted at the Muirend Pavilion, in Giffnock, at around 7pm on Tuesday, January 7.

She was walking along a path leading from Whitton Drive to the Pavilion when the frightening incident took place.

Her attacker fled the scene but police are hoping eyewitnesses will come forward.

Detective Constable Craig Stewart, of Giffnock CID, said: "The Muirend Pavilion is a busy place on weeknights, with both football and rugby training sessions taking place there. I am appealing to anyone who may have been in the area to help us identify the man who we want to speak to in relation to this attack.

"He is described as being between 18 and 22 years of age, about six-feet-tall, with a slim build and sallow complexion. He was wearing glasses and had a dark-coloured waterproof jacket on, with the hood up, jeans and was carrying a rucksack."

Anyone who can help should call Giffnock CID on 101. Alternatively, ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, where information can be given anonymously.]]>
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Subject: Call for school meal debts to be scrapped in East Renfrewshire - by: Ernhw Ltd http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46242-call-for-school-meal-debts-to-be-scrapped-in-east-renfrewshire#46242 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46242-call-for-school-meal-debts-to-be-scrapped-in-east-renfrewshire#46242
Parents in East Renfrewshire have run up £12,000 worth of debt from unpaid school meals, new figures show.

The amount was revealed to the Scottish Greens, who have called on the Scottish Government to write off school meal debts which have reached more than £1million across Scotland.

Every child at a council-run primary school in East Renfrewshire can get free lunches in the first three years.

Youngsters are also able to get free school lunches after primary three if their parents or caregivers receive benefits or tax credits.

The Scottish Greens received details of school meal debts after submitting a Freedom of Information request to all 32 of the country’s local authorities.

East Renfrewshire Council operates a cashless payment system for school meals and encourages parents and carers to use an online payment system.

Reminders are sent when payments are not made and, if there is no response, the school then contacts parents to seek the reasons for the non-payment.

Scottish Greens MSP Ross Greer called the nationwide level of school meal debts “astonishing” and said it should now be written off.

Mr Greer, whose West Scotland remit includes East Renfrewshire, told the Barrhead News:

“Children are going hungry and we know that means-tested free school meals miss out far too many families who need them.

“This school meal debt should be written off immediately.”

Deputy First Minister John Swinney said any family that faces financial difficulties but does not meet national eligibility criteria for free school meals can speak to their local authority to access appropriate advice and assistance.

He added: “The Scottish Government introduced free school meals for all primary one to three pupils four years ago and has extended eligibility for lower-income households.

“Healthy and nutritious free school meals benefit pupils’ learning and health and can save eligible families around £400 per child per year, part of our £1.4billion support for low-income households.”]]>
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Subject: 20 January 2020 - Viaduct Road and Linwood Ave (part of) closed for a period of Approx 12 months - Local access to be provided for residents only - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46241-20-january-2020-viaduct-road-and-linwood-ave-part-of-closed-for-a-period-of-approx-12-months-local-access-to-be-provided-for-residents-only#46241 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/46241-20-january-2020-viaduct-road-and-linwood-ave-part-of-closed-for-a-period-of-approx-12-months-local-access-to-be-provided-for-residents-only#46241
How will I access my driveway during the work?

During our works we will be unable to provide vehicle access to driveways during 8am to 6pm.

Access will also be restricted when the pipework comes in front of your driveway.

Where should I park my car?

We would ask residents to find alternative location to park their car if you need to use it during the hours from 8am to 6pm.

You may wish to contact your insurance company to advise them that there is statuary works being undertaken in your road and you require to park your car off your driveway.

You can read the documents here -

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