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It would appear that again this meeting will not be available via Webcast.

Why not?

The Council has a contract that allows for at least 30 hours Webcast per annum.

This 30 hours per annum has not been fully used since the contract was introduced in 2015.

There will be no cost for the Webcast of this meeting.

The Council are already paying for this within the current contract.

In March 2015 the Council approved the introduction of webcasting of Council meetings in the Council Chamber.

Councillors T Buchanan (Chair); C Bamforth; D Devlin; A Lafferty; C Merrick; and P O’Kane.

A meeting of the Cabinet will be held in the Council Chamber, East Renfrewshire Council Headquarters, Eastwood Park, Giffnock on

Thursday, 29 November 2018 at 10.00am

You can view Agenda/Papers here -

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Subject: AUDIT AND SCRUTINY COMMITTEE - Thursday, 22 November 2018 at 2.00 pm - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45274-audit-and-scrutiny-committee-thursday-22-november-2018-at-200-pm#45274 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45274-audit-and-scrutiny-committee-thursday-22-november-2018-at-200-pm#45274 Councillors Stewart Miller (Chair), Barbara Grant (Vice-Chair), Provost Jim Fletcher, and Councillors Charlie Gilbert, Annette Ireland, Jim McLean and Jim Swift.

A meeting of the Audit and Scrutiny Committee will be held in the Council Chamber, Council Headquarters, Eastwood Park, Giffnock, on

Thursday, 22 November 2018 at 2.00 pm


You can view full Agenda/Papers here -

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Subject: Badge of Honour? - by: Ernhw Ltd http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45270-badge-of-honour#45270 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45270-badge-of-honour#45270
Especially as the Cllr is in the Cabinet and a member of the administration.]]>
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Subject: Barrhead councillor will play no part in decision over quarry site - by: Ernhw Ltd http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45268-barrhead-councillor-will-play-no-part-in-decision-over-quarry-site#45268 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45268-barrhead-councillor-will-play-no-part-in-decision-over-quarry-site#45268
A BARRHEAD councillor has vowed to play no part in a decision that could pave the way for hundreds of new homes at the old Braidbar Quarry.

East Renfrewshire Council has agreed to enter into talks with Advance Construction Scotland to explore remediating the Giffnock site.

However, Deputy Provost Betty Cunningham has said she will not be involved in any future discussions, as she has links to the company.

Councillor Cunningham, who represents Barrhead, Liboside and Uplawmoor for Labour, declared an “interest” in the matter when it was raised at a recent council meeting and left the chamber before it was discussed by her colleagues.

Under the Scottish Government’s code of conduct for councillors, elected members are expected to withdraw from a meeting after they have declared a relevant financial interest.

Cllr Cunningham told the meeting: “I will not be participating in that item. I have been friends with the family in the past.”

Later, she explained she had been helped in fundraising efforts for her charity by the wife and daughter of Advance boss Seamus Shields.

Cllr Cunningham runs the Betty Cunningham International Trust, which raises money for deprived children in Malawi.

The last two dinner dances to raise money for the charity had been supported by the Shields family, she said.

Cllr Cunningham added: “They sell tables and I sell tables.”

Of her declaration of interest, she said: “I decided there was no way I was going to get involved in this.

“It’s a couple of years since I had any dealings with them.”

Last week, the Barrhead News told how Advance had been given a final warning by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) in 2012 after it illegally dumped thousands of tonnes of waste.

The company had been caught using a site in Wishaw to dump rubbish two years earlier.

East Renfrewshire Council leader Tony Buchanan said remediation of the Braidbar site remains a priority, with options such as new housing to be investigated.

Councillors have also agreed to spend £120,000 on fencing around the quarry following reports that youths had been breaking in.

A spokesperson for Advance Construction said: “Our technical expertise is unrivalled when it comes to complex remediation work. With over two decades of experience in the industry and considerable knowledge of this site, our highly-skilled team are well placed to carry out this preliminary work.”]]>
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Subject: Greenhags Biogas Plant conditions overturned - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45267-greenhags-biogas-plant-conditions-overturned#45267 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45267-greenhags-biogas-plant-conditions-overturned#45267 Public Forum Tue, 13 Nov 2018 21:03:42 +0000 Subject: Eastwood Park Leisure Centre: Eastwood Park appears to be the current favoured location - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45264-eastwood-park-leisure-centre-eastwood-park-appears-to-be-the-current-favoured-location#45264 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45264-eastwood-park-leisure-centre-eastwood-park-appears-to-be-the-current-favoured-location#45264 Public Forum Thu, 08 Nov 2018 13:32:30 +0000 Subject: FOI Requests and Responses regarding Turner & Townsend Report(New Build Leisure Centre) - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45252-foi-requests-and-responses-regarding-turner-a-townsend-reportnew-build-leisure-centre?limit=6&start=6#45252 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45252-foi-requests-and-responses-regarding-turner-a-townsend-reportnew-build-leisure-centre?limit=6&start=6#45252 Public Forum Tue, 06 Nov 2018 13:00:46 +0000 Subject: You all deserve the truth - That's a good idea !!! - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45137-you-all-deserve-the-truth-thats-a-good-idea-#45137 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45137-you-all-deserve-the-truth-thats-a-good-idea-#45137 Public Forum Thu, 01 Nov 2018 14:02:50 +0000 Subject: Cllrs Bamforth and Ireland - Joined at the hip ? - by: Newsline http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45048-cllrs-bamforth-and-ireland-joined-at-the-hip-#45048 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/45048-cllrs-bamforth-and-ireland-joined-at-the-hip-#45048
From the Cllrs Facebook pages.

First line is identical word for word, including the typo.]]>
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Subject: The James Fletcher Show VII - by: Newsline http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/44915-the-james-fletcher-show-vii#44915 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/44915-the-james-fletcher-show-vii#44915
It is scheduled to be web cast.


We will report as usual after the meeting.]]>
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Subject: Briefing Notes No. 138 - 29th. October 2018 - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/44828-briefing-notes-no-138-29th-october-2018?limit=6&start=6#44828 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/44828-briefing-notes-no-138-29th-october-2018?limit=6&start=6#44828 Public Forum Mon, 29 Oct 2018 15:31:36 +0000 Subject: ER Culture & Leisure Trust(ERCLT) - People Strategy 2018 - 2021 - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/44820-er-culture-a-leisure-trusterclt-people-strategy-2018-2021#44820 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/44820-er-culture-a-leisure-trusterclt-people-strategy-2018-2021#44820
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Subject: SAVE OVERLEE PARK GREENSPACE? - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/44784-save-overlee-park-greenspace#44784 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/44784-save-overlee-park-greenspace#44784
Should they not both be saved?]]>
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Subject: Trust Board Member Brian Davidson Resigns - Replacement Mr. Andrew Allan, local resident and a Chartered Accountant - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/44783-trust-board-member-brian-davidson-resigns-replacement-mr-andrew-allan-local-resident-and-a-chartered-accountant#44783 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/44783-trust-board-member-brian-davidson-resigns-replacement-mr-andrew-allan-local-resident-and-a-chartered-accountant#44783 Public Forum Fri, 26 Oct 2018 15:07:48 +0000 Subject: Community Council meeting with Politician's billed to attend on Mon. 22nd October 7pm at Mearns Castle High School. - by: RM64 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/44723-community-council-meeting-with-politicians-billed-to-attend-on-mon-22nd-october-7pm-at-mearns-castle-high-school#44723 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/44723-community-council-meeting-with-politicians-billed-to-attend-on-mon-22nd-october-7pm-at-mearns-castle-high-school#44723 Public Forum Tue, 23 Oct 2018 11:29:13 +0000 Subject: No plans for Council to introduce real living wage - by: Ernhw Ltd http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/44718-no-plans-for-council-to-introduce-real-living-wage#44718 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/44718-no-plans-for-council-to-introduce-real-living-wage#44718 Public Forum Mon, 22 Oct 2018 11:02:39 +0000 Subject: If asked anything, the answer is NO. - by: Newsline http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/44702-if-asked-anything-the-answer-is-no?limit=6&start=6#44702 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/44702-if-asked-anything-the-answer-is-no?limit=6&start=6#44702 Freedom of Information Reque]]> Public Forum Sun, 21 Oct 2018 18:04:15 +0000 Subject: A brazen conflict of interest? - by: Newsline http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/44701-a-brazen-conflict-of-interest?limit=6&start=6#44701 http://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/44701-a-brazen-conflict-of-interest?limit=6&start=6#44701
Members on the Board of the Leisure Trust.]]>
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