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Cllr advocates boycotting local business Print E-mail


A LOCAL property management company appears to be facing the wrath of an East Renfrewshire Councillor.

Cllr Vincent Waters has posted on his Facebook page an item that is supported by photographs that allege flyers have been left on a close floor.


"This isn't an acceptable way for companies' paid deliverers to leave their literature in closes. Don't buy what they sell."

Vincent Waters
Cllr Waters is the SNP councillor for Giffnock and Thornliebank.

He has not divulged the location however he specifically states - "Don't buy what they sell", which is a reference to what he claims are 'deliverers leaving company literature on close floors' .

The accompanying photograph shows a back page advert for Edzell property management which is based in Pollockshaws Road, Glasgow.


The Cllr also has a dig at 'Woodfarm Education Centre' who are advertising their 'Family Day' on the front page of the flyer.


"Woodfarm Edu Centre This isn’t a great way to deliver the good news about your family day. Leaves a mess in closes and pavements."

It is unknown why the Cllr has appeared to have taken exception to the Property Management Company or the Woodfarm Educational Centre - he failed to respond to requests for comment.

Edzell Property Management were closed today and unable to comment.

Although the location is not revealed it is thought that it could be a common close on Ingleston Avenue, Thornliebank where the Cllr has recently occupied a 1st floor flat.

One resident who did not wish to be named said

"Has he never lived up a close before" "The delivery people can't get in to the close due to the controlled entry and they put six flyers under the door for all the flats." "The first resident coming back into the close picks them up and puts them on the first step for everyone else to collect as they come home". "We do it with the free papers and everything, it happens in every close in Glasgow".