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Station Profiles

Within East Renfrewshire there are two Community Fire Stations located in Barrhead & Clarkston.

Each Community Fire Station consists of one Station Commander, four Watches (Red, Blue, Green & White) and a team of support staff. There are 28 operational personnel in each Station.

 The Station provides operational cover 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

As well as attending operational incidents, each Watch has a responsibility to undertake a very extensive training programme, which will maintain their competences as Fire-fighters. The training is continually developed to meet the demands of the various types of incidents that the crews could attend.

With the Fire Services’ focus on being pro active in the prevention of fires and other incidents each Watch also has a responsibility to participate in Community Safety Intervention. This involves attending fetes, galas and open days within the local Community providing advice and information to the general public on home fire safety. As well as this they also attend local schools and other educational facilities to provide various presentations on fire safety issues. 

The support staff within the station all play a vital role in maintaining the day to day running of the station in terms of admin and welfare.

There is also a Fire Safety Department, which is located within Barrhead Community Fire Station. This department is divided into two sections – Community Safety and Legislative Fire Safety.

Within Community Safety there is a Community Safety Co-ordinator and a Community Fire-fighter and they are responsible for the development of all Community Safety Initiatives, programmes and events within the Area.
(For further information see link to Community Safety)

There are also two Legislative Fire Safety Officers and they are responsible for ensuring that all fire safety precautions are adhered to within industrial and commercial workplaces within the Area.
(For further information see link to Fire Prevention)

Within Clarkston Community Fire Station there is also a department for Fire Reach and also the Retired Employee Association.
(For further information see link to Programmes)