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Wednesday, 18 June 2008
Plan To Shame The Criminals

Posters showing people guilty of crimes could be displayed in public as part of a wide-ranging reform of the criminal justice system being called for....

The proposals, from Louise Casey, the former head of Tony Blair's Respect task force, also say offenders carrying out community punishment should be made to wear high-visibility bibs to identify them as criminals.

Her report recommends tougher punishments for offenders and the creation of a commissioner to champion crime issues on behalf of the public.

Elderly victims of crime may get anonymity in court as part of a drive to improve confidence in the criminal justice system.

Similar special measures may also be made available for disabled victims and people who fear they will be targeted by thugs for speaking up.

Anonymity in court is currently automatic for children and anyone who has suffered a sexual attack can request "special measures" to protect their identity.

In such cases, victims give evidence from behind a screen and even their voice can be changed to protect their identity.

Work projects for offenders would be re-named "community payback" and run by private companies and other organisations such as charities rather than the Probation Service.

The proposals follow a year-long review ordered by the Prime Minister on how to raise public confidence in the criminal justice system.