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Wednesday, 28 May 2008
Community Policing Teams for East Renfrewshire

Strathclyde's Chief Constable, Mr Steven House, is putting Community Policing Teams into each area in Strathclyde....

In respect of East Renfrewshire, the existing community police constables and sergeant will form part of this team along with special constables and new probationary constables.

It is likely that probationary constables in the future will spend much of their probation working with communities within these teams.

Overall control of the team will be provided by Inspector Kate Jackson who in turn will report directly to Superintendent Daniels and Chief Inspector Graham.

It is intended that these teams will work closely with all local communities.

Whilst exact numbers for the Community Policing Team is not known at present, it is likely to be enhanced within the next two to four months as new officers complete their training at the Scottish Police College.

Our Communities Inspector Kate Jackson will update us with additional information as it develops.