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Crime Map of East Renfrewshire

View ERNHW crime map in a larger view. 

This facility commenced on the 1st May 2009. The current map for viewing shows data from 01/03/2011

This Crime Mapping is a visualisation based on the Crime Data provided by Strathclyde Police.

You have the ability to zoom in on a particular area, move the map from left to right or up and down to locate any area that you are interested in.

In addition you can display the text of crime in the left hand column whilst viewing the map, or close down the left column and view the map on its own.

If you click on any icon a text box will open and display the details of that particular crime.


  • Blue - Breakings
  • Red - Theft 
  • Green - Graffiti
  • Purple - Vandalism  

We will develop this facility in the near future to show trends, patterns and core times, this will be undertaken by our chair who is a trained Criminal Intelligence Analyst, having been trained at the National Criminal Intelligence Service , London and has been analysing crime patterns and trends since 1996.