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Current Ice Problems - Cllrs Ireland and MacDonald Comment
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TOPIC: Current Ice Problems - Cllrs Ireland and MacDonald Comment

Current Ice Problems - Cllrs Ireland and MacDonald Comment 1 year ago #1

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Cllr Annette Ireland has posted on their facebook page -


Cllr Annette Ireland
17 hrs ·

❄️Mary Young Place and Linnpark Avenue❄️

Please be careful, It’s very icy out there today.

A huge thank you to the man who was out helping to grit all his mums paths at Mary Young Place today and a big thank you to my husband, Brian, for helping as well.

We managed to get a lot of the paths gritted today.

I have emailed Cllr Macdonald directly and have asked him to put grit/salt in his bin to ensure this remains topped up, as he had previously promised.

We also tackled Linnpark Avenue on the paths towards the sheltered housing.

I’ve contacted our Environment Department and have asked that the grit bins be refilled as soon as possible.

If you are looking for salt the bin at Netherlee Pavilion has some, as does the council grit bin beside Duff Memorial Hall.

Some subsequent posts -

Cllr David Macdonald - An Independent voice for people
Good evening Annette, Well done to all three of you for your collaborative efforts. I took a trip around a lot of the grit bins including the one that serves the car park and the one that was donated by a local businessman two years ago that sits in the car park at Mary Young Place. He was very kind to continuously keep this topped up but I should highlight that this bin is not owned by myself. I will, of course, endeavour to see what donations of grit can be sourced for it as I know how important it is for the people of this particular part of Busby to be taken care of. Leave that with me and I will see what I can come up with.

Cllr Annette Ireland
Cllr Annette Ireland Cllr David Macdonald - An Independent voice for people That’s great that you will look to fill this bin up. I was definitely under the impression that you had said previously that you would always keep this filled and would grit this area. I understand you bought two grit spreaders specifically to carry this out, but as I say that’s great you’ll look into it. In the meantime I’ll keep checking the area.

Other posts -

- The gritters in field grove would be of help as we have elderly not able to get out of their houses without the high possibility of injury !,

- It’s great that individuals are doing their best to help with the issues caused by ice. However, ERC needs to start taking more responsibility for this and stop hiding behind its “priority routes” mantra. The Oval hasn’t been gritted at all during this recent cold spell. The pavements and road is treacherous. There are elderly residents at risk of serious injury. The last thing the NHS needs at the moment is more strain from injuries which are entirely preventable.

- Don't know about the grit bins,can't even step out the door (ER)as the place is like an ice rink. Hubby just after major surgery couldn't even take him out in his wheelchair as it's lethal and I'm not fit enough to carry grit from a bin.Scandslous !!! Makes you wonder why we pay council tax

Re: Current Ice Problems - Cllrs Ireland and MacDonald Comment 1 year ago #2

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Cllr David MacDonald has posted on their facebook page -

Cllr David Macdonald - An Independent voice for people
21 hrs ·

I have just written to Director of Environment at East Renfrewshire Council, Andrew Cahill making the case for a change in strategy both for general gritting and also gritting to support cleansing workers and trucks.


Here is the content of that letter sent by email.


Dear Andy,

Reports of grit bins being completely empty throughout my ward are coming through thick and fast.

A bin lorry lost control this morning on Stamperland Hill between the church and Randolph Drive and slid down the road out of control and hit a parked car.

I have just spoken to the bin men on the route that serves me and they all agree with my idea that each bin lorry when it gets this precarious with black ice should be escorted with a 4 x 4 escort vehicle (pick up) loaded with grit and grit should be laid down so the bin lorry can be driven safely.

The service lanes on Hillend Crescent as an example are just virtually impossible for the trucks.

What is happening out here is just not acceptable.

The refuse collectors are struggling to stay on their feet.

On the route that serves me they told me that they got stuck six times this morning.

I have just uploaded a video on my social media of a bin lorry with wheels spinning struggling to negotiate the smallest of gradients on Hillend Crescent.

This, I imagine, is happening all over the local authority area as nowhere was spared from this black ice.

But the black ice has been there since early yesterday and no gritting has been done on these residential neighbourhood streets despite the fact that bin lorries are coming the following morning to collect.

We must think of ways to tackle this and cannot just simply ignore it and continue with the current strategy.

This time it was a parked car on one route, that I know of.

Next time it could be worse.

The council cannot simply kick in to gear after an incident happens.

We must prevent the incident from happening.

The pavements throughout the ward have been ignored by the council.

The grit bins are empty.

People that are housebound are isolated as their carers cannot get to them safely.

The state of the residential streets is deplorable.

As a council ERC need to seriously rethink their strategy about gritting.

It is not working.

We have to be much better prepared.

We must do much more to protect the safety of people.

I walked last night from Flenders Rd down to the toll and then down to Netherlee and not one section of pavement could I walk on without risking falling over.

It was like a rink all the way.

I had to walk on the road in order not to slip and fall.

Can we please start talking to one another and come up with better solutions.

This is Scotland.

It gets cold.

It freezes.

It rains.

It freezes again.

We have to be able to deal with this more effectively.

Kind regards,


Subsequent comments/posts -

- The footpaths haven't even been touched since we had that mild flurry of snow a few days ago, and they're all practically iced over last night, on top of the freezing that occurred when it rained last night.

- the grove and the pavements in field road are treacherous !

- I haven't seen any pavements gritted. Busby Road Clarkston was like an ice rink today.

- Thanks for progressing this David. The Oval hasn’t been gritted at all during this current cold snap. The road and pavements are treacherous. We have elderly residents who will be at great risk of injury if they go out. Apart from anything else, we don’t need any further strain on the NHS just now as a result of preventable injuries.

- Well said. Went to grit myself as streets are treacherous and all three bins were empty

- I completely agree. The roads in Mearns are lethal. East Renfrewshire must address this as a matter of urgency

- David, do you have any knowledge regarding the situation that has been mentioned on some of the local Facebook pages about ERC councillors approving enormous and allegedly unjustified spending by Andrew Cahill regarding security for hired construction equipment for the new nurseries during lockdown no 1?

- ... not only approving these unjustified amounts, but apparently approving them without adhering to the authorisation protocols! Absolutely scandalous!

- Hi David have Mary Young Place pavements been gritted? 2 days ago they weren't & I looked in the grit bin which was empty, otherwise was going to do it myself.

- We need the Kahill scandal looked at, or is it the same old story with ER, We look after our own, are you becoming one of them ?

- Can they not supply more salt bins

- Well said David, I could barely even get my bin out for slipping on the ice, I don't know how the bin collectors would manage to pick everyones up.

- It might be worth reminding people that empty grit bins can be reported to the council via an online form.

- Well said David. Don't let up until you get some sensible answers

- we did and were told to go into Glasgow to get some! That was after reporting a hit and run last night in our street and man running for his life this morning as an articulated lorry careered out of control down a steep hill, mounting the pavement and almost pinning a man to a fence. Terrifying! And still no gritters. Looks like another sleepless night!

Re: Current Ice Problems - Cllrs Ireland and MacDonald Comment 1 year ago #3

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Cllr David Macdonald - An Independent voice for people
22 hrs ·

With regards to the bin lorry that lost control on Stamperland Hill and has slid down the road and hit a parked car, I have been pleading with the council for 4 winter seasons now to drastically improve their gritting strategy.

If hills with gradients are not prioritised in residential neighbourhoods as part of the priority route system then it is of little wonder that avoidable incidents like this take place.

I fear that if this is not addressed as a matter of urgency then next time it may not just be a parked car.

Gritting is a preventative measure and it is regrettable that Stamperland Hill will now, no doubt, be gritted in weather conditions like these going forward BECAUSE an incident has taken place.

It shouldn't have come to this.

I will continue to press the right people for appropriate and effective gritting strategy to take place.

Clearly, what is the status quo is not working.

This will include the gritting of all areas where bin lorry collection takes place the following morning.

People need to know that the safety of their areas are of the highest priority.

The cleansing department staff must be better supported by those responsible for gritting roads.

ERC must be more proactive and less reactive when it comes to safety and preventative measures.

Re: Current Ice Problems - Cllrs Ireland and MacDonald Comment 1 year ago #4

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Cllr MacDonald has further posted -

Cllr David Macdonald - An Independent voice for people
56 mins ·

A letter just emailed to the person responsible for gritting strategy at East Renfrewshire Council.


As you will be well aware, there are numerous safety issues surrounding the ability of bin lorries to be able to travel on their routes safely due to roads not being gritted.

Only yesterday a council bin lorry lost control on Stamperland Hill and made contact with a parked vehicle.

I request, as a matter of priority, that the cleansing team are given additional support in regards to gritting routes properly that these vehicles travel on.

These trucks are really struggling to negotiate even the slightest gradients and it is imperative that the roads that they collect on are gritted prior to them travelling on them.

If you go to my social media page I have uploaded a video clip of an ERC bin lorry attempting to back up one of the service lanes on Hillend Crescent yesterday.

This is a gradient of 2%.

It’s wheels were spinning and the truck driver finally gave up after several attempts.

I then watched as he attempted to go back out on to Hillend Crescent turning as best as he could while the truck struggled with traction inches from parked cars.

The skill of this driver was incredible but he was really up against it.


Cleansing operatives are struggling to undertake their duties to bring the bins to the truck without slipping and falling themselves.

I spoke with the particular crew that service the Hillend Crescent route in Clarkston yesterday and they were very frustrated with what they believe to be no support from the team responsible for gritting the roads and pathways.

The word, “disgraceful” was used to describe the situation.

The safety of these employees to be able to carry out their duties as safely as possible is paramount.

One operative told me that this particular lorry had got stuck 6 times yesterday on it’s route and had to be bailed out on numerous occasions.

What these crews need, and the men I spoke to agree with, is each bin lorry throughout the local authority area travelling in black ice conditions must have an escort vehicle travel with it that is stocked with grit that can be spread in front of the bin lorry when required.

This would be an effective solution to this problem.

It doesn’t need to happen all the time.

Just the times when black ice exists and when safe traction is not possible without grit.

Beyond this.

I am of firm belief that the gritting strategy at this council is failing residents.

The last two days of black ice were predicted.

Almost all of the residential roads in my ward and their pavements were not gritted at all and the result was extremely dangerous for residents to be able to drive and walk safely.

I should highlight that the council have a duty, not only to the residents but also to do all it can to lessen the load on our NHS during this national crisis.

The council must be gritting far more roads and pavements than it currently is to ensure that less injuries from slips and falls take place and thus don’t end up taking much needed hospital beds. Pavements cannot be bypassed or ignored.


The residents of Mary Young Place in Busby have once again been bypassed for gritting.

It should not be the case that local councillors and volunteers should be the ones to undertake gritting for our most vulnerable and older residents.

For the residents of these homes to be simply bypassed as if their needs are not important is very regrettable.

On top of this.

Residents need to be able to leave their homes to be able to exercise, attend medical appointments, collect prescriptions and go to the supermarket to buy groceries.

Vulnerable and older residents who cannot leave their homes and are attended to by carers need to be able to have their carers able to visit them.

If the roads and pavements are not gritted at all this makes this very difficult for them.

Every single one of the grit bins in my area is empty.

I got the map and drove to every single one of them in ward 4 yesterday.

Not one had grit.

We need these grit bins to be constantly topped up.

The public are willing to collect from them and do their bit but they can’t do so if there is no grit to collect.

Weather forecasts are incredibly accurate.

We know exactly when conditions that create black ice are coming.

If rain washes away salt and then re-freezes then the road needs to be dosed again with more grit.

It’s very simple.

We must be prepared for this.

Not responding is not an option.

ERC must be far more proactive when it comes to safety for refuse collectors and the public.

If grit trucks themselves need 4x4 escort vehicles with winter tyres to lay grit down on stretches of road the grit vehicle cannot negotiate safely then so be it.

I cannot imagine how many people slipped and fell and sustained injury yesterday in East Renfrewshire as a direct result of roads and pavements not being gritted.


I am always available to assist in any way I can and am more than happy to volunteer with a bin lorry crew to help scatter grit.

Of course, this would need to be run past cleansing.

I have a vehicle, am able to do so and am willing to do so.

Let me know if this is of use.

I am serious.


Cllr. David Macdonald (IND)
Ward 4
Clarkston, Netherlee & Williamwood (including Busby and Stamperland)

Re: Current Ice Problems - Cllrs Ireland and MacDonald Comment 1 year ago #5

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Cllr MacDonald has posted on their facebook page -

Cllr David Macdonald - An Independent voice for people is feeling happy.
11 hrs ·

I managed to source some grit today for the grit box donated as part of my GoFundMe drive for the residents of Mary Young Place and filled the box up to tonight.

I would respectfully ask that people could leave this grit for the residents here as it has been very much needed for their paths.

Thanks to Cllr. Ireland who reminded me yesterday that it was empty and to get it filled as per my commitment to do so.

If it empties again please let me know and I'll try my best to refill it as soon as possible.


Subsequent posts/comments -

- I live in Crookfur and when we moved into our new house 43 years ago, we had a grit bin at the top of our cul de sac which is quite steep and requires to be gritted as soon as there is any ice.

However, some years later the "Great and the Good" within ERC decided we were not deserving enough to warrant a grit bin and it was removed.

I have requested that the grit bin be reinstated but was told to go and collect salt from Harvie Shops. I should point out that of the householders in our cul de sac, over 50% are OAP with some in their 80s, I am 76 with a hernia.

Is this what I get for my £2750 council tax. To be told "go and collect your own grit" is a joke.

- Cllr David Macdonald - An Independent voice for people
Cllr David Macdonald - An Independent voice for people
That is disgraceful. Have you contacted your local councillors about this?

- Yes, I copied him in my email to the council. No response so gave up. To add insult to injury, I have had to put salt down to help the bin lorries gain traction on the hill, salt that I had purchased from B&Q.

- Why have the council not filled the grit bins today when temps have to drop to -6 tonight

Re: Current Ice Problems - Cllrs Ireland and MacDonald Comment 1 year ago #6

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Cllr MacDonald has further posted on their facebook page -

Cllr David Macdonald - An Independent voice for people
10 hrs ·

Tonight there is a 40% chance of rain during temperatures of. - 3 degrees.

This is the perfect recipe for black ice.

It therefore leaves me disappointed that my calls today to get the grit bins in the area filled seem to have been ignored.

Every bin I visited was empty.

These bins have been empty now for days.

It is just not good enough.

I share your frustration about the continued delay to having these filled regularly.

I will now be writing once again to those officers at ERC responsible for gritting to further drive home the message that these bins need filled now as a matter of urgency.

Residents deserve a much better vital service from the council.

Further posts/comments -

- Just like Sunday night and many pavements are still dangerous! I will get pelters for saying this, but covid has been a wonderful cost saving excuse for this Council.....I would Love to know the income they generate versus what they spend!?

- Our grit bins have been taken away. There used to be 2/3 of them.

- I've saw people from other parts of busby using our grit bins in Easterton filling bags bloody disgrace . What chance you got

- Public services are diminishing rapidly. Perhaps we should have a reduction in council tax.

- According to East Ren Council they have been out filling grit bins?????

- And cartside. Most of the street where out yesterday gritting the paths

- It can also be collected from the depots staff must be overwhelmed more so now at @ GCC yes it’s not great but just feel we can all help out doing our front door/path way or our neighbours ect ect

- Cllr David Macdonald - An Independent voice for people see your point and very true it’s getting used for lots of excuses just not nice seeing people getting abs use for it off course corners are cut think the whole world has just about had enough

- Author
Cllr David Macdonald - An Independent voice for people
Absolutely we can and that's what I encourage us all to do. But I will.not accept that this council cannot handle the very basics of statutory provision of service. Gritting is not a role that requires any social distancing that affect other departments. Even at 300 cases per 100,000 and an average much lower staffing levels.within certain departments are not adversely affected to the point a service cannot function efficiently. My great fear is that Covid will be started to be used as the great excuse that councils use to justify fall downs in service, poor service or no service at all.
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