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Current Ice Problems - Cllrs Ireland and MacDonald Comment
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TOPIC: Current Ice Problems - Cllrs Ireland and MacDonald Comment

Re: Current Ice Problems - Cllrs Ireland and MacDonald Comment 1 year ago #7

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Cllr David MacDonald has posted on their facebook page -

Cllr David Macdonald - An Independent voice for people
19 mins ·

Bin lorry stuck on Fereneze Ave.

Despite my idea to have escort vehicles with grit for the 18 bin lorries out at one time in East Renfrewshire during weather like this, ERC have refused to act on the suggestion.

The idea was that grit could be spread where required to avoid this.

I will continue to publicise the failings and push the council to make changes.

The biggest hurdle for me is to break bad practices and "we know best" culture.

Spare a thought for the hardworking men and women of the cleansing service skating about in this mess trying to collect the bins.

It is them that are being let down more than anyone else.

Re: Current Ice Problems - Cllrs Ireland and MacDonald Comment 1 year ago #8

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Local East Ren roads very poor driving conditions.

Traffic congestion from Darnley, along Rouken Glen Road, Eastwood Mains road, Clakston Shops, Busby.

Over hour to travel this stretch !

Re: Current Ice Problems - Cllrs Ireland and MacDonald Comment 1 year ago #9

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Cllr David MacDonald has posted on their facebook page -

Cllr David Macdonald - An Independent voice for people
2 hrs ·

"Computer says no!"

The response from head of the gritting team at ERC.

The strategy at this council is failing, has been so for a long time and nobody in the management of the department have the will, the determination or the ability to adapt and make changes to provide a service that is anything but poor.

As long as party elected members keep getting voted in then this will continue to happen.

Controlling political groups are sitting on their hands and not holding departments to account for failures.

They simply approve of what is fed to them.

No scrutiny.

No accountability.

It is beyond unsatisfactory.

I urge you all to see the big picture and to vote for as many independent candidates at the next council election in 2022. Otherwise this nonsense will continue.


Dear Councillor MacDonald,

Thank you for your email regarding winter maintenance and waste collection in your ward.

As much as we would like to grit every road within East Renfrewshire, with the workforce and number of gritting vehicles available, that is not possible.

The Council has a set of priority routes which have been determined in accordance with the importance of the route and traffic levels, then position in relation to Hospitals, Fire Stations Bus Routes etc. and finally to provide a degree of penetration into residential and rural areas, as detailed in our Winter Handbook.

A copy of the Winter Handbook was e-mailed to all Councillors and is available on our website along with details of our priority gritting routes and grit bin locations here in the Winter section of the website:-

At present there are 337 grit bins throughout East Renfrewshire.

During periods of severe and prolonged adverse weather these can quickly be emptied and, whilst we endeavour to refill these as quickly as possible, our resources are often fully taken up attending to our priority gritting routes as well as our non-priority carriageway routes and footways.

In these circumstances, grit bin refilling can take several days to complete.

We have had resources deployed on grit bin filling when possible over the Festive period and this work continues this week and will continue over this weekend.

With regards to Stamperland Hill and Hillend Crescent, these streets are not included on our priority routes but both streets were treated on several occasions prior to 4th January, including 2nd January, twice on 1st January and on 28th, 29th and 30th December.

The weather circumstances on the morning of 4th January led to difficult driving conditions throughout East Renfrewshire and our neighbouring authorities with widespread freezing rain and our resources on that morning were concentrated firstly on our priority routes.

Treatment was then expanded onto non-priority routes during the day as resources permitted and we have continued with the treatment of our non-priority routes during the course of this week, along with treatment of footways and filling of grit bins.

With regards to ensuring waste collections can be carried out safely please note the following.

The Council has 14 – 18 waste collection vehicles out on any given day and we do not have the resources in terms of vehicles or operatives to deploy a 4x4 gritting vehicle in front of every bin lorry.

The Roads and Neighbourhood Services work together to ensure service delivery can be achieved during prolonged adverse weather and where possible we co-ordinate the treatment of our non-priority routes to coincide with the planned waste collection routes.

Neighbourhood Services also have two vehicles loaded with salt that they use to respond to any calls from their drivers who are having any difficulties accessing areas due to ice.

In addition, the drivers are trained to carry out a dynamic risk assessment whilst on their routes and will not attempt to access any areas if they have concerns.

Unfortunately with black ice the danger is sometimes not immediately apparent which may have been the situation which led to the incident at Stamperland Hill.

With regards to the treatment of footways I can confirm that the footways within Clarkston including Busby Rd, Clarkston Rd, Mearns Rd and Benview Rd were treated over the two day period, 2nd and 3rd of January and have had further treatments over the course of this week.

As indicated above our priorities for resource deployment is firstly our carriageway priority routes followed by our non-priority carriageway routes, footways and grit bins and when we have a sustained period of low temperatures, snowfall and freezing rain as we have had over the last 2 weeks treatment of our priority carriageway routes can often take up the majority of our resources.

I hope this explanation of the winter maintenance priorities and operations is helpful.

If you require any further information not included in this response or the Winter Handbook please don’t hesitate to contact me further.

Head of Environment (Chief Planning Officer)
Environment Department

East Renfrewshire: Your Council, Your Future

Re: Current Ice Problems - Cllrs Ireland and MacDonald Comment 1 year ago #10

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Published the Barrhead News On Line -


1 hr ago

'Mayhem' on roads as cars and buses get stuck in East Renfrewshire

By Pippa Smith Reporter

GRITTING teams have been deployed as East Renfrewshire is hit with snow.

Drivers have reported "mayhem" on the roads today, with some vehicles becoming stuck due to the weather conditions.

One motorist said: "Mayhem in Newton Mearns - drove past three separate accidents - Barrhead Road, Patterson Station and Capelrig Road (police were attending). I had to abandon car - be careful."

She praised the "kind people" who helped her.

A yellow weather warning is in place until 9pm tonight and Police Scotland is encouraging motorists to only drive if necessary and to ensure brakes, tyres, lights, batteries and wiper blades are in good condition and to keep screen wash topped up.

An East Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said: “Our gritting teams have been patrolling the area since midnight, with all priority routes treated at 4am this morning and again at 8am.

“Teams will continue to treat primary routes and clear snow where required. Additional teams are also gritting secondary roads, pavements and filling grit bins throughout the area. Driving conditions are difficult due to the snowfall, but all routes remain passable with care at this time.”

Re: Current Ice Problems - Cllrs Ireland and MacDonald Comment 1 year ago #11

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Comments posted on Cllr David MacDonald's facebook page -

("Computer says no!" previous post above)

- Why don’t they have the resources?
Someone makes the decision about where resources are allocated.
Perhaps the funding allocated to gritting is insufficient or perhaps their strategies need to be improved.
Hard to know for sure without further detail but something definitely needs to be improved.
We absolutely need more representatives that are prepared to question, scrutinise and hold officers to account!

- Your lucky you got a reply I am still waiting on my reply

- Looks like they have had to do some work to answer your email 😂
Your keeping them busy David and giving them something to do at least

- From their response it seems that is is ERC’s “belief” that they are doing as much as they can and there is no room for improvement based on the experiences and input from residents and their councillors, whom we voted to act on our behalf.
And therein lies the problem - ERC “believe” they are doing their job well.
The response I have received from a Director to complaint I raised in the past is that she “remains resolute in my belief that the change in service will not have a negative effect” on the delivery of the service.
It is an institutional mindset in ERC that I think needs to change.
Council services should not be delivered on the basis of “belief” - and not using previous years gritting experience when fewer cars are on the road this winter to help spread the grit.
It feels like we are being blamed for Staying at Home and not helping them spread the grit.

- I’m afraid this applies to nearly every department of ERC they feel they don’t need to answer or improve.
The complaints I’ve heard about the housing allocations department.
The lack of consideration from management about repair to housing.
Roads, Building Planning, and poor communications from all management departments !
yet they insist they have 95% + customer satisfaction ?
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