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East Renfrew Council called to ban church representatives from voting
2 hrs ago

By Norman Silvester

Religious representatives have a say in decisions on how education is delivered in East Renfrewshire

Leaders of Scotland’s humanist movement have called on East Renfrewshire Council to ban church representatives from voting on issues affecting schools.

At present, the Church of Scotland, Catholic Church and other religious groups are allowed up to three representatives on the council’s education committee.

They also have the power to vote on motions before the committee, such as proposed school closures.

However, the non-religious Humanist Society Scotland says giving voting rights to unelected officials such as church elders is “undemocratic.”

It claims that, on a “hung” council like East Renfrewshire, their vote could be a deciding factor in crucial education decisions.

Chief executive Fraser Sutherland told the Barrhead News: “Under Scotland’s proportional voting system, new and returning councillors in East Renfrewshire will know that every decision made will involve negotiations and close votes.

“What they won’t be considering is that any decisions they may take on education can be overturned on the say-so of unelected representatives from Scotland’s churches and religious institutions.

“East Renfrewshire councillors need to take action now so that only those voted in democratically will have a say on local schooling.

“We urge East Renfrewshire Council to bring forward new rules for non-elected church representatives to remove their voting rights.”

East Renfrewshire currently has Church of Scotland, Catholic and Jewish representatives on the education committee.

The council has six SNP members, while Labour and the Conservatives have five each.

Mr Smith said: “That situation where no party has an overall majority could mean church votes becoming a tiebreaker on crucial votes on education matters.

“East Renfrewshire councillors need to ensure religious groups do not get a privileged say over how schools are run against the wishes of the local electorate.”

A spokesperson for East Renfrewshire Council said: “Three members of the education committee are appointed to represent the views of their faiths, in relation to the education provision available in East Renfrewshire.

“It is a decision for councillors to determine the voting rights of religious representatives.”]]>
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Subject: East Renfrewshire Councillor Salaries - by: RM64 https://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/48039-east-renfrewshire-councillor-salaries#48039 https://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/48039-east-renfrewshire-councillor-salaries#48039
Basic Salary
Each Member of the Council will receive a basic salary of £19,571 per annum.

Payment of salary will be made on the third Friday of each month by a monthly payment of £1,630.92 subject to normal Income Tax, National Insurance and Pension Contribution deductions.

Senior Councillors
In terms of the 2007 Regulations the Council has resolved to pay Senior Councillor Salaries to Memberswith special responsibilities.

These Salaries will be paid under the same arrangements as basic salaries.


Leader of the Council £32,622

Provost £24,467

Deputy Provost £24,467

Convener for Community Services and Community Safety £24,467

Convener for Education and Equalities £24,467

Convener for Environment £24,467

Convener for Housing and Maintenance Services £24,467

Chair of Audit and Scrutiny Committee £24,467

Chair of Planning Applications Committee/LRB £24,467

Chair of Licensing Committee £24,467

More Details can be found here under Related Media


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Subject: East Renfrewshire: Labour accused of Tory 'backroom deal' - by: RM64 https://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/48038-east-renfrewshire-labour-accused-of-tory-backroom-deal#48038 https://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/48038-east-renfrewshire-labour-accused-of-tory-backroom-deal#48038
East Renfrewshire: Labour accused of Tory 'backroom deal'
57 mins ago

By Drew Sandelands
Local Democracy Reporter

Labour has been accused of doing “a backroom deal with Boris Johnson’s toxic Tories” after forming a minority administration to run East Renfrewshire Council.

The SNP and Labour, along with independent councillor Danny Devlin, had worked together to run the local authority for the past decade but that arrangement was cast aside after Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar said his party would not enter coalitions with the Nationalists or Conservatives.

The new administration includes seven of the 18 members on the council, with all five Labour members working alongside Councillor Devlin and his fellow independent David Macdonald.

The SNP’s six councillors are now in opposition, forming the largest party.

All five Conservative members backed Labour’s nominations for key roles at the first meeting of the new council last night, leading to accusations of a behind-the-scenes agreement.

Labour councillor Owen O’Donnell is the new council leader, taking over from the SNP’s Tony Buchanan, with Labour colleague Andrew Anderson appointed as his deputy.

Councillor Mary Montague, also of Labour, was elected as the new provost.

Labour abstained as the Conservatives, with support from the two independents, took the deputy provost position, as well as chair of the audit and scrutiny committee and licensing committee.

Councillor Andy Morrison, of the Conservatives, tweeted after the meeting that his group had “locked the nationalists out of power.”

The SNP accused its opponents of "getting the Better Together band back together" and insisted voters won’t forgive Labour for “getting into bed” with the Conservatives.

Councillor Buchanan, SNP group leader, said: “It beggars belief that, on the very day that Sue Gray’s report slammed the Tories for lockdown parties, East Renfrewshire Labour thought the best option was to do a backroom deal with Boris Johnson’s toxic Tories.”

Joining forces with the two independent councillors would have been enough to give Labour control without support from the Conservatives, unless the Tories had backed the SNP.

Speaking after his election as leader, Councillor O’Donnell said: “Times are hard and they are getting harder for the people of East Renfrewshire.

"We started this year with hope and optimism of a better life after the Covid pandemic but that optimism was shattered by a cost-of-living crisis which both Scottish and UK governments are struggling to solve.

“The Labour group, supported by two independents, are determined to do the best they can to support the people of East Renfrewshire through these difficult times.

"We want to give them hope that there is someone on their side and fighting their corner.”

He added: “A minority-led administration is new for East Renfrewshire, it will mean change in how the council is run. By definition, for the administration to be successful it will mean day-to-day consensus building on a vote-by-vote basis across this chamber.

“This council has a good reputation for collaboration with previous administrations by putting politics aside and putting people first. Having reviewed both opposition parties’ manifestos, it is clear that we have more in common that unites us than divides us.

“There is no reason to believe that grown-up politics cannot survive. I urge all parties of this chamber to work with us to help deliver the services and support that our community deserves.”

All five convener positions went to Labour and independent councillors.

Councillor Anderson will cover education and equalities, the council leader will take the environment role and Councillor Katie Pragnell, also of Labour, is the new community services and community safety convener.

Councillor Devlin will resume the housing and maintenance services position and Councillor Macdonald will take on the social work and health role.

Councillor Betty Cunningham (Labour) will chair the planning applications committee and Councillor Morrison will lead the audit and scrutiny committee.

Councillor Buchanan objected to Councillor Morrison’s role, claiming there could be an “issue in terms of transparency” as the Conservatives supported Labour’s nominations.

He called for the post to be handed to a SNP councillor but lost out by seven votes to six.

After the meeting, Councillor Buchanan said: “The Better Together band is back together, with Labour relying on Tory votes to run the council and sitting on their hands to give the Tories deputy provost.

“Anas Sarwar and Jackie Baillie said no to any deals or pacts, yet Labour are perfectly happy to be propped up by Tory votes in East Renfrewshire and across Scotland.

“We will provide rigorous scrutiny in opposition but voters will not forgive or forget Labour bashing the Tories during the campaign, then getting into bed with them straight afterwards.”

Councillor Montague said she feels “very privileged” to take on the provost's role.

“I will do my best for you in the chamber to facilitate discussion and also to represent the council in civic life in every corner of East Renfrewshire,” added Councillor Montague, who will be supported by deputy provost Kate Campbell, of the Conservatives.

“I look forward to working with each and every one of you in doing that.”]]>
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Subject: East Renfrewshire: Labour to run council with support of independents - by: RM64 https://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/48037-east-renfrewshire-labour-to-run-council-with-support-of-independents#48037 https://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/48037-east-renfrewshire-labour-to-run-council-with-support-of-independents#48037
Published Barrhead News On Line

East Renfrewshire: Labour to run council with support of independents

1 hr ago

Labour is to run East Renfrewshire Council with the support of two independents.

At a meeting of the full council last night, the first to be held since the local elections earlier this month, the five-strong Labour group joined forces with Councillor Danny Devlin and Councillor David Macdonald to form a minority administration.

Owen O’Donnell, who was elected as a Labour candidate in the Newton Mearns North and Neilston ward at the May 5 ballot, is the new council leader.

Other key appointments made at last night's meeting include Andrew Anderson taking on the role of deputy leader, with Labour colleague Mary Montague becoming the new provost and Kate Campbell, of the Conservatives, as deputy provost.

Councillor O’Donnell described it as a “privilege and honour” to serve as council leader.

The local authority had been controlled by a coalition of SNP and Labour, along with Councillor Devlin, going into the election, where the SNP became the largest party, with six councillors.

East Renfrewshire’s SNP group had urged Labour to back its proposals for a minority administration, as both parties aimed to take control of the council.

The Nationalists wanted to form a “progressive alliance to lock the Tories out of power” and said Labour should “rule out any backroom deal” with the Conservatives.

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar had previously stated that his party wouldn’t enter coalitions with the SNP or Conservatives to run councils.

An attempt by the Nationalists to convince Labour and Councillor Devlin to back an SNP-led administration at last night's meeting was unsuccessful.

In a message posted on social media last night, the Labour group said it was determined to do all it can to support the people of East Renfrewshire in what it described as "difficult times."]]>
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Subject: WATCH LIVE WEBCAST TONIGHT 7pm - FULL COUNCIL MEETING - Wednesday 25 May 2022 - by: RM64 https://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/48034-watch-live-webcast-tonight-7pm-full-council-meeting-wednesday-25-may-2022#48034 https://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/48034-watch-live-webcast-tonight-7pm-full-council-meeting-wednesday-25-may-2022#48034
You can watch the meeting live(Webcast) from Council website here -


You can read all details of Meeting from Council Website here -

Public Forum Wed, 25 May 2022 08:48:27 +0000
Subject: Future of Leisure Trust under a Labour Administration? - by: RM64 https://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/48030-future-of-leisure-trust-under-a-labour-administration#48030 https://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/48030-future-of-leisure-trust-under-a-labour-administration#48030

'............explore the feasibility of taking arm’s length leisure trusts
back in-house...............'

A vague pledge but probably cause too many problems and will be immediately 'kicked into the long grass' !!

You can read the full Manifesto here -

Public Forum Sun, 22 May 2022 10:24:55 +0000
Subject: LIVE WEBCAST - FULL COUNCIL MEETING - Wednesday 25 May 2022 at 7.00 pm in Council Chamber - by: RM64 https://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/48026-live-webcast-full-council-meeting-wednesday-25-may-2022-at-700-pm-in-council-chamber#48026 https://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/48026-live-webcast-full-council-meeting-wednesday-25-may-2022-at-700-pm-in-council-chamber#48026

You should be able to watch the meeting live(Webcast) from Council website here -


Department of Business Operations and Partnerships
Director: Louise Pringle
Council Headquarters, Eastwood Park, Giffnock, East Renfrewshire, G46 6UG
Phone: 0141 577 3000
website: www.eastrenfrewshire.gov.uk
Date: 20 May 2022
When calling please ask for: Eamonn Daly (0141-577-3023)
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

TO: Councillors
Pragnell, and


The statutory meeting of the East Renfrewshire Council will be held in the Council Chamber,Council Headquarters, Giffnock, on Wednesday 25 May 2022 at 7.00 pm, for the purposesof transacting the undernoted business.

Prior to the commencement of the meeting the Returning Officer will make a
statement that the meeting will be webcast live and recorded for later publicly
accessible archive viewing.

Yours faithfully
Louise Pringle

1. Election of Councillors to East Renfrewshire Council on 5 May 2022 - Report by
Returning Officer (copy attached, pages 5 - 14).

2. Sederunt/Declaration of Acceptance of Office by Elected Members.

3. Report apologies for absence.

4. Declarations of Interest.

5. Election of Provost.

6. Election of Deputy Provost.

7. Appointments:-

(i) Appointment of Leader of the Council/Chair of Cabinet

(ii) Appointment of Deputy Leader of the Council/Vice Chair of Cabinet.

(iii) Appointment of Conveners/Members of the Cabinet:-

(a) Convener for Education and Equalities

(b) Convener for Social Work and Health

(c) Convener for Environment

(d) Convener for Community Services and Community Safety

(e) Convener for Housing and Maintenance Services

(iv) Appointments of committee Chairs and Vice Chairs

Appeals Committee
Appointment of Chair
Appointment of Vice Chair

Audit and Scrutiny Committee
Appointment of Chair
Appointment of Vice Chair

Cabinet (Police & Fire)
Appointment of Chair
Appointment of Vice Chair

Civic Hospitality Committee
Confirm Provost as Chair
Confirm Deputy Provost as Vice-Chair

Education Committee
Confirm Convener for Education and Equalities as Chair
Appointment of Vice-Chair

Emergencies Committee
Confirm Leader of the Council as Chair
Joint Consultative Committee (1st Tier)

Confirm Leader of the Council as Chair (alternate)
Licensing Committee

Appointment of Chair
Appointment of Vice-Chair2
Planning Applications Committee

Appointment of Chair
Appointment of Vice-Chair

Planning Local Review Body
Appointment of Chair
Appointment of Vice-Chair

Teaching Staff Appeals Committee (Members of this committee must
also be members of the Education Committee)
Confirm Chair of Education Committee as Chair
Confirm Vice-Chair of Education Committee as Vice Chair

(v) Appointment of ordinary members of committees

Appeals Committee (3)

Audit & Scrutiny Committee (5)

Cabinet (Police & Fire) (6)

Civic Hospitality Committee (3)

Community Asset Transfer Review Panel (5) (Members of the Panel
cannot be members of Cabinet or Audit & Scrutiny Committee)
Education Committee (7)

Emergencies Committee (2)

Joint Consultative Committee (1st Tier)(4)

Licensing Committee (3)

Licensing Board (5) NB The Board will appoint its Chair and Vice Chair
at its first meeting

Planning Applications Committee (5)

Planning Local Review Body (5)

Teaching Staff Appeals Committee (3) (Members of this committee must
also be members of the Education Committee)

8. Other Appointments - Reports by Director of Business Operations and

(i) Education Appeals Committees (copy attached, pages 15 - 18).

(ii) Outside Organisations/Boards/Trusts/Joint Committees (copy attached,
pages 19 - 22).

(iii) COSLA Convention (copy attached, pages 23 - 24).

9. Nomination to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Board and Membership of
Integration Joint Board – Report by Director of Business Operations and
Partnerships (copy attached, pages 25 - 26).

This document can be explained to you in other languages and can be
provided in alternative formats such as large print and Braille. For further

please contact Customer First on 0141 577 3001 or email

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]]>
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Subject: East Renfrewshire Council: Support from independents could help Labour form administration - by: RM64 https://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/48020-east-renfrewshire-council-support-from-independents-could-help-labour-form-administration?limit=6&start=6#48020 https://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/48020-east-renfrewshire-council-support-from-independents-could-help-labour-form-administration?limit=6&start=6#48020
Published Barrhead News On Line

East Renfrewshire: Support from independents could help Labour form administration

18 mins ago
By Drew Sandelands
Local Democracy Reporter

Labour is hoping to run East Renfrewshire Council as a minority administration, with the support of two independent members.

The council had been controlled by a coalition of SNP, Labour and independent councillor Danny Devlin going into this month’s election, where the SNP became the largest party.

However, Labour, which has five councillors, is planning to work with Councillor Devlin and fellow independent David Macdonald in a minority administration.

Under this plan, Labour’s Owen O’Donnell, who was elected in Newton Mearns North and Neilston, would be council leader.

The SNP, however, wants to form a “progressive alliance” with Labour to lock the Conservatives out.

Councillors will vote on proposals to form a new administration at the first meeting of the new council term on Wednesday, May 25.

After the election, SNP man Tony Buchanan, who has been council leader for the past five years, said his group would be entering talks over a coalition after a “historic result.”

However, Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar had ruled out coalitions with the SNP or the Conservatives ahead of the vote.

No party had stood enough candidates to secure a majority, with 10 needed on the 18-seat council.

As well as the six SNP councillors, five Labour members and two independents, there are five Conservatives.

Councillor O’Donnell said his group’s proposals would “deliver on Labour’s manifesto of hope in difficult times.”

He added: “We have been talking to all parties and will be working with all parties on a vote-by-vote basis. There will be no formal agreement or pact with any other party.”

Labour and the SNP have worked together for 15 years in East Renfrewshire and Councillor O’Donnell said it was a “very difficult decision” to end that partnership.

He added that the local Labour group had “no choice in the matter,” given the guidance from Mr Sarwar.

A SNP spokesman said the Scottish Labour leadership is “out of step with the mature, grown-up politics residents expect from their council.”

He added: “East Renfrewshire is one of the best-performing councils in Scotland because we have put aside party differences before to work together for the benefit of local residents.”]]>
Public Forum Wed, 18 May 2022 10:20:01 +0000
Subject: Local Action Plans - Public Consultations - Have Your Say by Mon 20 june 2022 - by: RM64 https://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/48010-local-action-plans-public-consultations-have-your-say-by-mon-20-june-2022#48010 https://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/48010-local-action-plans-public-consultations-have-your-say-by-mon-20-june-2022#48010

Posted ERC facebook page


East Renfrewshire Council
3 hrs

Have your say

We've launched a series of public consultations to help develop Local Actions Plans which will assist in transforming towns and neighbourhoods across East Ren.

The first consultations cover Barrhead, Busby, Neilston, Newton Mearns and Thornliebank.

So we want to know what is good about your town and what could be done to improve things.



and select the town you want to comment on.

You can then give us your thoughts and also see what others have said.

There is also drop-in events and business breakfasts where you can have your say in person.

Find out more:


These consultations will close on Mon 20 June

and the second round, covering Eaglesham, Giffnock, Clarkston, Netherlee and Williamwood, will launch later in the year.]]>
Public Forum Wed, 11 May 2022 15:39:00 +0000
Subject: Council FOI Response Failures - Scottish Information Commisioner Level 1 Intervention regarding response-on-time rate for FoI/EIR requests - by: RM64 https://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/48007-council-foi-response-failures-scottish-information-commisioner-level-1-intervention-regarding-response-on-time-rate-for-foieir-requests?limit=6&start=6#48007 https://ernhw.org.uk/forum/2-public-forum/48007-council-foi-response-failures-scottish-information-commisioner-level-1-intervention-regarding-response-on-time-rate-for-foieir-requests?limit=6&start=6#48007
Council would appear to have made no mention this !

This is posted on Scottish Information Commissioner WebSite.



'Level 1 interventions

All but two of the Level 1 interventions open in October to December 2021 were new cases. At the end of December 2021, 8 remained open.

Compliance with timescales


East Renfrewshire

NHS Lanarkshire, NHS Shetland, NHS Western Isles, Scottish Prison Service.

These interventions have all sought to address high rates of late responses (or failures to respond) to requests, highlighted in our analysis of FOI statistics. Our current approach is to open these at Level 1 to establish any particular (including pandemic-related) causes of the poor performance before deciding whether further intervention action is required.

The NHS Highland and NHS Western Isles interventions were both opened in December 2020, and both authorities identified reallocation of staff and communication issues as key factors contributing to their poor performance. In each case we have monitored statistics and kept in contact with the authority's FOI staff, anticipating an improvement. However, for each authority the proportion of late response or failures to respond has fluctuated from one quarter to the next during the course of the pandemic.

At the Quarterly Interventions Meeting held in December 2021, it was agreed that the NHS Western Isles intervention would remain open but with increased engagement and close monitoring, and that the NHS Highland intervention would be escalated to Level 2 in response to the continuation of particularly high rates of late response. These actions were expected to be carried out early in the new year.

The East Renfrewshire Council,

Midlothian Council, NHS Lanarkshire and NHS Shetland interventions

were all opened after analysis of statistics up to and including April to June 2021 and discussion at the Quarterly Interventions Meeting held in September 2021, and all remained open at the end of the reporting period.

In each of these cases we contacted the authority concerned to note their poor performance, seek an explanation, and highlight resources and support available. We received initial responses and await additional information and more recent statistics before deciding on any further action.

The Falkirk Council intervention was opened on the same basis, and closed in December 2021 after we received a satisfactory response and evidence of improvement from the authority.

The interventions with Inverclyde Council and the Scottish Prison Service were agreed at the Quarterly Interventions Meeting in December 2021; however, although the case files were opened later that month, no contact was made with these authorities in this quarter.']]>
Public Forum Wed, 11 May 2022 11:08:24 +0000