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How do I become a member of the site.

Use the sign in section, register your user name and choose a password.

How do I post on the forum.

Sign into the site and go to the thread of interest and after the last post on the thread click on reply. There is a timer on postings and if you attempt to post a lenghy one or take a long period in composing it, you will be timed out.

There are two options in this occurs, post a brief paragraph and then go back in under edit and this will provide you with more time.

Alternatively prepare your post on either word or notebook, open a new post and cut and paste your item from your prepared document.

How do I start a new thread on the forum

In the fireboard click on public forum next to the file symbol. You will then see a green button marked New Thread, click on this and produce your new thread.

How do I get automatic updates on any thread that I have posted on.

When you produce a post you will see a checked box on the bottom left of your post screen. If you leave this checked you will receive an email when any new posts are added to that thread.

How do I stop myself from getting updates on threads that I have posted on.

Either uncheck the box at the time of posting or at any other time go My Profile, enter the My Subscribes field and uncheck any threads that you wish to unsubscribe to with regards updates.

My Profile section also enables you to update your profile and add avatars to this.

How do I navigate the Crime map

Click on the crime map and you will be presented with a new page, scroll down and click on view ERNHW Crime Map. You will then have a new screen which you should maximise by clicking on the square at the top right of the page.

You will then see that your cursor has altered to a hand, clicking on the map at any location will zoom it. Clicking and holding will allow you to pull the map around until you locate the area of interest to you.

You can then zoom in and out as you please. Click on any of the markers and the title and description of the crime with appear.

How do I alter the size of the viewing page

You can alter the viewing area of the page to suit your screen at home, it can be widened or narrowed by using the buttons near the top right of the home page. < >  ><

How do I alter the size of the text

By using the three buttons near to the top right of the screen you can increase the font size for ease of viewing. A A A






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