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Graffiti Removal Kit

Graffiti Removal Kit

We have a fully equipped graffiti removal kit which is available for hire to local residents and or businesses that require its use.

Over the past year the kit has been used by a number of people on a variety of surfaces to great effect.

The kit is available for a one week hire at a cost of £10, which is used to replenish the chemicals.
Unlike the traditional method of having to scrub and rub for hours, use of these chemicals means that the task is completed in a very short period of time. With little or no elbow grease required.


This kit has now been out on several occasions and the people using it have reported that it is first class. There is absolutely no need to spend any great time or effort at a location, as the chemicals do all of the work.

Anti Graffiti Paint

Anti Graffiti Paint

We have a quantity of this paint, which was purchased by grants from Strathclyde Police, Clarkston Community Council, Netherlee & Stamperland Community Council and Netherlee Residents Association.

We can now provide this product free of charge to residents, local groups and businesses who are being subjected to graffiti.

After applying this product a light application with a damp cloth and the graffiti is removed without trace.

Painted doors, walls and gates benefit most from the application of this product, as would the metal shutters on any shop premises.


We have undertaken a large number of trials with this product, all of which have been highly successful. On metal garage doors, street furniture and painted surfaces it works very well. Brick work is a problem in that it does leave a residue of the original grafitti.

The material itself protects the original surface and paintwork, at one site which is regularly targetted we have found that it takes approximately one minute and absolutely no effort to remove the grafitti from the door of the church concerned.

We have also found that the culprits have discovered why their paint has been so easliy removed. They have now started to score the door with coins in an attemnpt to 'etch' their names on it. 

Unknown to us, when this happens the product starts to contract and closes down the marks.

Personal Attack Alarms

Out of Stock

Small size with a designer look, Pull Pin Activation, 140 Decibel Siren, Added Torch facility, Alkaline batteries included, 5 Year Warranty and a separate key ring.

Bogus Caller Kits

Out of Stock

Bogus Caller Pack includes:

- Minder Electronic Personal Alarm
- Door/Window Mounting Bracket
- Door/Window Sensor
- Door Guard/Bar
- 200 Degree Door Viewer
- Permanent UV Marker Pen.